The Baby Proposal



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 8 / 10

Rough start

This is a somewhat unusual premise, but it has been done, more or less. And of course we know how it's going to end up, although there was a tiny twist along the way.

My title implies it didn't start well. I hated Layla. She is arrogant and selfish, a narcissist. Her smile is pasted on and her exuberance seems fake. Actually, I'm not sure I ever thought that Alexandra Chando's smile was totally sincere, but the rest changes. Unfortunately, it changes instantly and then the character growth experience follows the change, which of course is backwards. The baby is the obvious reason, but there is a little bit deeper of a story about Layla that comes out toward the latter half of the movie.

I'd like to say there was chemistry between Chando and Mike Merrill, and there was some, but it really seems to me that this movie is about Layla. Layla and Derrrick. Layla and the baby. Layla and Derrick's mom. Layla and her fans. Layla and her career. I don't think the romance story was as important as Layla's development. Usually in these movies, I'm all about the relationship, but in this movie, I enjoyed watching Layla become an amazing person.

Derrick has some moments and he is definitely likeable.

The baby is definitely cute. There is a short segment focused on the baby just being cute and it was worth every second.

Reviewed by Racingphan2 8 / 10

Cute little movie

Alexandra Chando is super cute in this movie now showing on UPTV. There's a baby involved to tug at your heartstrings. Enjoy this one, Alexandra is great.

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