The Bank Dick



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Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10


Apart from IT'S A GIFT, this is among W. C. Fields' greatest films--with tons of laughs. He plays Egbert Sousé (pronounced 'soo-zay', not 'souse'--a great play on words) and the film is filled with more Fields bizarre names than usual. My favorite is the bank examiner, 'J. Pinkerton Snoopington' but 'Filthy McNasty' and 'Og Oggilby' are also dandy! Plus the script credit which goes to 'Mahatma Kane Jeeves' (a pseudonym for Fields himself)). But there is far more to the film than just silly names. Like almost all of Fields' films, it's about a likable small-time blow-hard who somehow makes it big by the end of the film. In this film, Fields accidentally foils a bank robbery and is rewarded with a job working in the bank. Later, he once again saves the day and is the town hero. In between he manages to make a mess of things, but in Fields fashion, it all manages to work itself out as well.

What helps this film is that in addition to an excellent Fields performance is some excellent support from the likes of Grady Sutton, Shemp Howard, Franklin Pangborn and Una Merkel and they're all in top form. Overall, the film shows that you can take a very simple plot and just let Fields act--that's really all you need for an excellent comedy. The only negative is the rear projection used during the police chase--it was very obviously fake--too fake to be funny.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 10 / 10

Parallel With The Great McGinty

By probably nothing more than sheer coincidence W.C. Fields's greatest triumph, The Bank Dick, came out the same year as The Great McGinty, Preston Sturges's first directorial triumph. Interesting because I think the two films have the same exact theme.

It's an inverted view of the American dream in that any boob who happens to be in the right place at the right time can become an overnight success. Hard work, save your money, get an education, all that's nothing but hogwash. Well, at least get very good in arithmetic.

Meet Egbert Souse, henpecked American family man, wife, two daughters, and a harridan of a mother-in-law all under the same roof. Egbert is W.C. Fields's finest creation. From being bar room lounger, Souse rises to being a man of wealth and property merely by being in the right place on a few occasions in this film. Very similar to what Brian Donlevy did in The Great McGinty.

I've always loved the Dickensian names that Fields gave his characters in The Bank Dick. Og Ogilby is his sidekick and future aspirant son-in-law played by the ever flustered Grady Sutton. Franklin Pangborn never had a better screen name than J. Pinkerton Snoopington, the bank examiner. And we can't forget the inebriated film director played by Jack Norton, A Pismo Clam. The Bank Dick is the only film I know where you can read the credits, laugh uproariously before the film starts and then eagerly anticipate more.

As good as his films at Paramount were, Fields never had the creative control that he did that Universal gave him for The Bank Dick. It's Fields's height as a performer and not to be missed.

And don't forget, you pronounce his last name SOO SAY.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

W.C. Fields is fun

Affable drunk Egbert Sousé (W.C. Fields) is henpecked at home. He gets a job as a film director over the more drunk director. He accidentally thwarts a bank robbery during his lunch hour claiming it as a heroic action. He is given the job as a bank dick.

This is W.C. Fields at his comedic drunk best. His charisma is up on the screen. He's fun. He's a Forrest Gump of drunks. I'm not sure why he gets the director job other than to make fun of the movie business. The story doesn't need it. I'd rather have him start right away with the bank robbery. The character as a fool works very well. There are instances where his foolishness gets unlikeable like him talking Og into taking the money or claiming his heroic takedown. Egbert needs to be blameless in his random foolish chaos and isn't as loveable as a lying braggart. It would be more appealing for Og to be taken in by the bank robber rather than Egbert. In that situation, Og has limited option other than pleasing his future father-in-law. Overall, it's a fun performance.

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