The Barcelona Vampiress

2020 [CATALAN]

Drama / Horror

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Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 10 / 10

"We have written the lies,that others wanted us to write."

When looking at the line-up for the 2021 Grimmfest film festival,this was the title I was most looking forward to seeing,due to it sounding like a eye-catching Spanish title that crossed True Crime with Gothic Horror,leading to me meeting the Barcelona Vampire.

View on the film:

Revealing in a discussion after the screening/stream that the idea for the appearance of the film came after he left seeing a theatre performance one night, director Lluis Danes makes an immaculate feature film debut, going back to the scene of the crime in thick,gloomy black and white,which Danes & The Hidden Face (2011-also reviewed) cinematographer Josep M. Civit splinter with shards of red dripping across the screen,as the horrors are unveiled.

Taking place in the early twentieth century, Danes brilliantly seeps the artistic methods of the period into the mystery,from startling, cutout animation,to German Expressionism shadows looming large, tinted-style splashes of colour and looming, large stage wall,which the camera looks down on as the corrupt elite commit their brutal crimes.

Extensively researching the background of Enriqueta Marti ( called "The Vampire of Barcelona" by the press) the screenplay by Maria Jaen and Lluis Arcarazo take a forensic approach towards exploring each level of the sickening child-killing crimes,with journalist Sebastia Comas (who was a real journalist, and played with a ragged heaviness by Roger Casamajor) walking down the dirty side-streets where those who hold political power abuse children,and partake in the horrors of the Barcelona vampiress.

Reviewed by zufre 3 / 10


Sorry, but movie directors that love to be artists put me to sleep.

Black and white was a bad sign but constant scenes that are like dreams killed my interest in this movie.

I guess all that artifice just tries to hide the hollowness of the story.

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