The Battle of the Century



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 1208

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Eugene Pallette as Insurance Agent
Oliver Hardy as Manager
Stan Laurel as Stanley
Lou Costello as Ringside Spectator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

A more complete version is now available!

I first wrote a review for this Laurel & Hardy film over a decade ago...back when only a truncated version of the short was known to exist. Because it was missing so much (other than the famous pie fight), I said it was really impossible to adequately review and score "The Battle of the Century". However, since then something wonderful has happened which has fortunately happened with many other silents....nearly all the rest of the movie was found! I think much of this is because with social media and the internet, many old films in pieces are being reassembled and discovered. A great example are the Vitaphone shorts. Until recently, most were missing their sound/musical tracks but an internet group has managed to reunite the sound tracks with many of the films. Now I am not saying that this Laurel & Hardy short is 100% complete like these other shorts....but much more of it exists now than a decade or so ago.

The film begins with Stanley boxing a guy who might just kill him. After losing the fight (naturally), Ollie has Stanley heavily insured--and you presume he's going to arrange some accident to happen to his 'pal'. In the meantime, a minor street altercation results in a HUGE pie fight--probably the biggest one in film history.

Overall, what's there is quite funny...and worth seeing. Will it ever be 100% complete? We might just soon see.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

A fun battle

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were comedic geniuses, individually and together, and their partnership was deservedly iconic and one of the best there was. They left behind a large body of work, a vast majority of it being entertaining to classic comedy, at their best they were hilarious and their best efforts were great examples of how to do comedy without being juvenile or distasteful.

'The Battle of the Century' is nowhere near classic Laurel and Hardy, later films, short and feature, had stronger chemistry when fully formed and used their considerable talents better. At this point, Laurel was much funnier and more interesting while Hardy in most of the previous outings had too little to do. 'The Battle of the Century' is still worth watching and is an improvement on some of their previous short films, to me it's easily one of their best at this point of their careers and one of the first to feel like a Laurel and Hardy short rather than a short featuring them.

Personally would have liked more sly wit that made their later entries better, though the slapstick does entertain and is timed well if a bit too far on the simplicity.

The story is a bit busy at times and both slight and sadly incomplete-feeling and fragmented.

Laurel however is very funny, and sometimes hilarious. Hardy is at least not wasted, and he does give one of his funniest and most interesting appearances of his pairings with Laurel up to this point and has much more to do in comparison to their previous outings. The chemistry is certainly much more here than in previous outings of theirs, namely because there's more of them together, if still evolving. Support is nice. 'The Battle of the Century' is well worth seeing for the funniest and one of the best pie fight scenes ever.

A good deal of the humour is well timed, hugely energetic and very funny, with everything going at a lively pace, and there is a lot of charm and good nature to keep one going, as well as a surprising bizarre one that doesn't feel too much. 'The Battle of the Century' looks quite good still.

To conclude, decent with a great scene. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

Going too much for the obvious instead of making a difference

"The Battle of the Century" sure is a big title for a film, especially for a short movie like this because it only runs for under 20 minutes in the original and for over 10 in the currently most distributed version. This is a Laurel&Hardy short from their silent days, from 1927 to be precise, to it is already over 90 years old and of course in black-and-whhite too. The name of writer H.M. Walker is pretty famous and director Clyde Bruckman is also somebody who fans of really old films have probably come across on other occasions. This is not one of Stan and Ollie's most known works, which may or may not have to do with the fact that it is not complete anymore, but also it really is nowhere nearf their best efforts and I usually like the duo much more than I did here. It also feels that there is less focus on them than in other works starring the perhaps most successful and remembered duo in (comedy) film history. There's a boxing sequence here that has Laurel with his tiny body and non-existent muscles go against a guy twice his size, even if the actual boxing sequences are not too frequent and it is more about everything around it like intertitles making joke of Ollie's hat and he reads it. Not sure how he did that. Anyway, then there is a pie fighting sequence too, fairly lengthy that has everybody get their share. Well honestly the editing did not feel right and how some pies suddenly land inside buildings, which made no sense at all. But it really isn't too funny and pie throwing sequences in my opinion and when it comes to my humor have not aged that well. The one moment when the women sits down on one is mildly funny right at the very end, but that's it. So what do we learn from this little film? That boxing was really big back then, probably bigger than today and that even for icons like Laurel and Hardy, not everyone can be a winner. I give this short a thumbs-down. Not recommended.

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