The Beautician and the Beast


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 8632

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Tamara Mello as Consuela
Timothy Dalton as Boris Pochenko
Fran Drescher as Joy Miller
Adam LaVorgna as Karl Pochenko
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lboden 10 / 10

I love it !

I don't care if Timothy Dalton has a shitty accent in this movie. I don't care if Fran Drescher has a nasal voice. So what that Slovetzia doesn't exist, and the bad people are dark, gloomy western stereotypes of former eastern regimes. I don't care, as long as I enjoy watching it. I totally adore this movie. It leaves me with a giggle and a big smile on my face, and movies that do that make just as much sense to me as Schindler's List, if I'm in the mood to watch that kind of movie. I love a movie, where I can put my brain on stand by and just enjoy it. I've just received the movie today, and I know, that tonight will be chips and dip night in front of the TV. Just can't wait to watch it again. A big 10 from me for the entertainment value.

Reviewed by Joey_Mac 10 / 10

What's Not To Like????!!!!?????

First of all, I'll let everyone know that I gave this movie (worthy of a 7) a 10 just because the overall rating deserves to be A LOT higher than it is! Secondly, everyone who gave this movie a bad rating needs to stop rating movies altogether. What's not to like about this movie that is charming, cute, innocent, and funny?? Fran Drescher may have been type-casted right off the Nanny, but who cares!!???!! What did you expect her to act like in the film!?! Were you expecting an oscar worthy performance!!!??? Did you think she was the next Gwyneth Paltrow, or Julianne Moore??? If you saw the previews and have half a brain, you would have known exactly what to expect. I had no expectations for this movie (nor should anyone have) besides a good laugh. And that's exactly what it delivers. Fran is absolutely perfect for the role of Joy Miller and she is even more charming and funny in this movie than Sandra Bullock is in Miss Congeniality (another great movie by all accounts, and I'm not downing the always fantastic Sandra). You people need to STOP ANALYZING MOVIES FOR WHAT THEY'RE NOT AND LEARN TO ENJOY THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Mike-DD 6 / 10

Funny and entertaining

While I won't say that this is an excellent movie, I still like it for its irreverent sense of humor. The acting's pretty average, there seem to be so many plots going on at the same time, but it still makes for an entertaining and interesting watch, if only to see the Nanny in her first major big-screen role. She brings the trademark we know so well to the movie - her nasal voice and pre-occupation with the trivial stuff, but she also brings a kind of sensitivity we've never seen before in the Nanny series.

I quite like some of the scenes - how she teaches the kids what she knows (airline miles), the massage scene, the home-coming, and a lot of others that just seem to be made just for her.

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