The Bees


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 10%
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Angel Tompkins as Sandra Miller
John Carradine as Dr. Sigmund Hummel
John Saxon as John Norman
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Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 5 / 10

Buzzin' makes me feel good.

"The Bees" is a gloriously awful animal attack thriller marked by some truly incompetent filmmaking, a ridiculous script, and some hilariously insipid acting. The story involves the corporate smuggling of killer bees into America, which causes a massive swarm such as the country has never seen. The scientists desperately trying to solve the problem (John Saxon as the egghead hero, the ravishing Angel Tompkins as his love interest, John Carradine as her German accented father) realize that they're going to have their hands full.

Led by director Alfredo Zacharias ("Demonoid"), the filmmakers here miss any horror in the premise by bungling almost every action scene. Most of the time, the only possible reaction to the goings-on is laughter. Granted, some of the humor *is* intentional - there is an occasional priceless line such as "That's adding incest to injury." When it comes to the insect cast, we have a practical cast of thousands, and regarding the human actors, Saxon gamely tries to look serious, and Carradine is as genial as he's ever been. Mexican icon Claudio Brook appears early on as Tompkins' husband. There's even an appearance by the "President"! Highlights include a good ol' boy hiring kids to procure bees for him so he can treat his rheumatism with bee stings. There's a fair bit of violence and a couple of impressive vehicle crashes. Everything is capped off with a delightfully idiotic music score (composed by Richard Gillis) that completely works against any suspense that Zacharias and company might otherwise have created. The ending is priceless and right in tune with so many other ecologically themed thrillers of the 70s.

Warner Bros., the makers of "The Swarm", went so far as to pay off New World, the American distributors of this flick, to delay their release so the two movies wouldn't be in direct competition.

Five out of 10.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 10 / 10

John Carradine has the worst excuse for a German accent that I've ever heard! I love it!

My 10/10 rating assumes that you're ready for some nice, corny, really dumb entertainment, because that's exactly what the lower-than-B-movie "The Bees" provides. Portraying killer bees getting loose and wreaking havoc, it's just plain laughable. If nothing else, the movie should show why John Saxon may be the greatest B-movie actor of the last 40 years. Of course, his co-star John Carradine - doing the lamest excuse for a German accent that I've ever heard - can't really lay claim to being Laurence Olivier either.

Anyway, if the killer bees ever arrive, they ought to go after the people who financed this stinker. It's probably the best example of unintentionally funny.

Reviewed by simonmills47 10 / 10

The inconvenient truth about killer bees...

Spoilers coming-but it really doesn't matter.

Angry bees attack the UN to assert joint control of the world between themselves and mankind. If we don't leave them in peace, they dispose of us. Enough said, except for the fact that the UN bees are entirely different from the set of angry bees that menace mankind in the first half of the film. Frankly this film was a lot more entertaining than "An inconvenient truth", AND it has John Saxon, and John Carradine to boot. The fight between Saxon and the Mexican hit-man (yes, this film has everything) is a real treat.

This film should undoubtedly be on the global school curriculum.

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