The Big Day



IMDb Rating 6.8 10 24

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Reviewed by jedidiahdawson 9 / 10

Awesome sound track

A more relaxed version of the hang over but with a kick ass sound track from Suburban Ledgends.

Reviewed by jdonen-40235 10 / 10

Funniest Movie

Me and my mom watched this a few days ago and we laughed so hard! 10/10 would recommend to watch! Great cast, Great story, An awesome experience!

Reviewed by ops-52535 4 / 10

this didnt happen on my wedding day...

But i had serious problems getting hold of my bestman coming from denmark that day, but thats annother story. also my memories of the day i got married is just a blur, not from alcohol, but from pure nerves. it wasnt the digital age either that many years ago, but some kodakrome photos have survived, so ive not completely lost, what i remember though is getting out of alcoholic beverages in the bar, so when the party was officially over at 1.30 am, the male part (even my dad, not me though)of the party hired a maxi taxi, hauling off to the big city to get drunk before the night was over.

so getting married isnt just glory and bright skies, as you will find out by this movie. its not a film for the big laughs, more like a smile and giggle comedy movie. the cast have good verbal abilities, but the slap stick do suffer. i do also feel that this could have been made for the theater because much of the plot is in his and in her room, with a lot of doorknocking, with lots of dumbfounded and less important problems, like not getting rid of the hooker in the staggs place, and the bride loosing the engagement ring while preparing.

so if you shall get married, this is all about the things you shouldnt do. as comedy its mediocre, as a romance its like slipping out of the knot, and the overall impression on the grumpy old man is wont regret it if you miss it, a tiny recommend.

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