The Big Green


Comedy / Family / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 9369

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Olivia d'Abo as Miss Anna Montgomery
Steve Guttenberg as Sheriff Tom Palmer
John Terry as Edwin V. Douglas
Chauncey Leopardi as Evan Schiff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anna_angel87 10 / 10

Awesome Kid's Movie

I was around 8 or 9 when this movie came out. Despite there already being plenty of movies about misfits rising to the top,like The Mighty Ducks and Angles in the Outfield, this movie really was the best of them all.

It of course starts out like normal, with the kids being resentful to anything new and having all-around bad attitudes. But with the help of a good coach and a new activity to immerse themselves in, their moral and moods change for the better, making them the winners they are. The journey to their win contains many easy laughs, and just a tiny bit of drama and romance. A movie for boys and girls alike ;) I thought it was and still is a great kids movie. I'm 20 now, and I still watch it to this day. Its a great feel-good movie for the whole family to enjoy!

Reviewed by inkblot11 7 / 10

This film is a big winner in the fun-with-lessons category

The students in a small Texan town have a new teacher from England (Olivia D'Abo). She is trying hard to motivate and communicate with her pupils, with only limited success. Limited, that is, until she gets her students excited about soccer. She assembles a ragtime team, with no uniforms, and teaches them about the fundamentals of soccer. The team, with a mixture of girls and boys, begins playing matches. They lose. The teacher enlists the help of the local sheriff (Steve Guttenberg) and, together, they help the team improve. But, will they succeed in winning soccer games? This is another stroll down Mighty Ducks lane but it is still a good film for children. It's themes of hard work and teamwork are undeniable and very worthwhile. The actors, the script, and the Texas setting form a touching and funny film. If you want to find a good family film for a night at home, try this one. Big grins will pop up over The Big Green.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Entertaining movie upon some misfit kiddies playing soccer

The picture concerns about an English teacher named Anna Montgomery(Olivia DÁbo) who comes a Texas little town for teaching at a very young school. She must educate a kiddies with down self-esteem. Anna organizes a soccer team and is helped by the town sheriff(Steve Guttenberg). Abundant difficulties throw out when the contender team with a nasty coach(Jay O. Sanders) is formed with the best in the league ,besides the principal player disappears for problems of immigration. At the beginning the team shaped by underdog and geeky members lose the match but they recuperate the position later.

The film has lots of amusement and fun. It's agreeable movie for kids who they will enjoy enormously.The movie is a soccer version of ¨Mighty Ducks¨and ¨Bad new bears ¨(Michael Ritchie) and recently adapted by Richard Linklater with Billy Bob Thorton as the coacher . However the film didn't obtain success as anterior version and barely attained hit smash at the box office.The picture has its amusing moments here and there, specially when the goalkeeper imagines the attacker players disguised as various characters. The motion picture will appeal to children and soccer buffs . Rating : Average but bemusing.

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