The Big Job


Comedy / Mystery

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Sylvia Syms as Myrtle Robbins
Wanda Ventham as Dot Franklin
Joan Sims as Mildred Gamely
Sidney James as George Brain
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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

When is a Carry On film not a Carry On film?

When is a Carry On film not a Carry On film? The answer is when it's THE BIG JOB, a fun, lighthearted CARRY ON movie in all but name, sharing the same major cast members, writer, producer, and director as the CARRY ONs. It's a film made in the same spirit too, with lots of humorous moments between the sexes mixed in with slapstick jokes and some old dependables giving solid performances as ever.

The opening robbery scene is my favourite part of the film and after that it turns into a loose remake of A FIRE HAS BEEN ARRANGED, where a criminal gang are imprisoned but not before stashing their loot in an old tree. They're released fifteen years later only to discover that the tree now stands in the yard of a newly-built police station, so the rest of the film chronicles their efforts to retrieve it.

THE BIG JOB suffers a little from a drawn-out narrative which sees some of the situations feeling rather aimless and unfocused; it's certainly not the finest comedy out there and it doesn't have the finesse of one of the best of the CARRY ONs. However, there's a lot to love. Sid James is on top form as the lead and gets plenty of laughs as the running time goes on. Lance Percival and Dick Emery are equally fun as his companions, and Sylvia Sims makes for an arresting presence as the female of the group. Later, the foursome are joined by the likes of a scatty Jim Dale playing a policeman, Joan Sims as the owner of a boarding house, and the incredibly beautiful Edina Ronay as her daughter.

The best part of the film, aside from the hilarious opening sequence, is the climax, in which the criminals decide to dig a tunnel under the road to get to the tree. The gags with the spare earth which spoof all those prisoner of war films are simply delightful and constantly hilarious. There's not one but two strong twist endings as well, so it's just that slightly stodgy mid section that slows this down a bit. Not a lot though; CARRY ON fans will be in their element with THE BIG JOB, which feels like a forgotten instalment in the long-running series.

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon 8 / 10

A cracking Carry all but name.

Make no bones about it, this is very much a Carry on film, and a very good one at that. When you consider the writer, director and virtually the whole cast, the ingredients are all very much there for a comedy classic.

The story is great, the moment where the trio of robbers discover a housing estate built on the site of their I'll gotten gains is brilliant, so funny.

It is very well made, well shot, with a terrific script. The usual suspects are great Sid James, Joan Sima etc, but Dick Emery is a joy, and Sylvia Sims is a delight, such a beautiful woman.

Loved it. 8/10

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 6 / 10

The botched job...

It's a sort of carry-on-criminal, this one - with a reliable cast of British actors - Sid James, Sylvia & Joan Sims and Lance Percival amongst the stalwarts who recount this rather daft story of a bank robbery that goes a bit wrong! They get caught, sent down for fifteen years and when they escape, all set for a life on the Riviera - they discover the tree trunk in which Sid deposited the loot is now part of a police station. It's a jolly effort that sees them come up with all sorts of wheezes to try and recover their loot from under the unintentionally watchful eyes of "Sgt." Derek Guyler that raises a titter now and again. Maybe a bit on the long side; the joke wears thin after about an hour, and the humour hasn't really lasted that well - but it's still a good ensemble performance.

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