The Big Racket

1976 [ITALIAN]

Action / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 1247

Keywords:   revenge, suicide, fight, gun battle, gang rape

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10

The Extortion and the Six Avengers

When a powerful gang of extortionists forces the businessmen of an Italian city to pay for their protection, the tough Inspector Nico Palmieri (Fabio Testi) investigates the case; however he is surprised by the racketeers and ends seriously injured. When he is discharged from the hospital, he joins the victims of extortion trying to find a witness to testify in court since the mobsters are always released by the Attorney Giovanni Giuni (Antonio Marsina). Only the restaurant owner Luigi Giulti (Renzo Palmer) accepts the burden; but his daughter is brutally raped by the gangsters and commits suicide later. Nico is pressed by his superiors to drop the case but he invites his friend Pepe (Vincent Gardenia) to help him using illegal methods believing that the end justifies the means. There is a war between the criminals and the police with tragic consequences, and Nico is fired from the police department. Nico decides to join Luigi; Pepe; a marksman that saw his wife being raped and burned alive; the owner of a nightclub that should use brace for the rest of his life; and a felon that wants a passport and destroy the gang in a battle that becomes bloodshed between vigilantes and criminals.

"Il Grande Racket" is a great non-stop action movie, with a violent story of racket and revenge à la Charles Bronson and conclusion à la Spaghetti Western. Of course there are clichés and exaggeration in the situations and shootouts, but in the context they work perfectly well for fans of this genre. The dubbing in English is awful, as usual, and I do not understand why not keep the original language with English subtitles. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Reviewed by Aylmer 10 / 10

As good as crime movies get

While not the bloodiest film per-say, this is easily one of the most violent, as in most death/action vs. running time ratio of any crime movie I've seen in recent memory. On top of that, it's got a good multilayered story of several men disenfranchised by a protection mob, who all team up to take out the trash in one massive vigilante-style raid. Most are very good characters too, especially Orso Maria Guerrini who goes from an average Joe skeetshooter to a silent assassin once the thugs rape and murder his wife. Renzo Palmer's transition is a little less subtle, and his vengeful character gets a little irritating. Vincent Gardenia is good as a very suave pickpocket and wise-guy, while Testi is his usual pretty-boy self who of course looks so handsome that in some shots he looks more like an Anime cartoon character than an actual human.

Despite the bad profanity-censored English dubbing (which substitutes 'basket' for 'bastard', 'dung' for the S-word etc.), this is otherwise a solid film. Before John Woo, this was as stylish and as violent as action movies got. There's at least 3 major shootouts, two of which are real standouts, and all of which have their fair share of amazing shots. For instance when Fabio Testi kills the thug who kills his partner – a slow motion shot of the thug flailing around in the foreground and Testi in the background shooting at him – you can see each exit wound corresponding to Testi's gunfire. Another amazing shot is film from inside Testi's car as it rolls down a hillside (complete with Testi inside trying to shield his eyes from the flying window-glass). Castellari demonstrates a solid eye for detail and is an expert at transitions – plenty of slow motion too. Big Racket also features some surprisingly good dialog in the case of most of the thug's threats, and then again near the end when the evil crime boss rants and raves about how to run a protection mob (and then turns out to be a total coward when guns are pointed at him).

An excellent comic book crime/action movie – let's hope that promised uncut DVD comes out soon in the US.

Reviewed by Bezenby 9 / 10

Eat diddly, you gosh-darned mothermucker!

Guido and Maurizio De Angelis Soundtrack!

Notable actors: Fabio Testi! Renzo Palmer! Orso Maria Guierrini! Romano Puppo! Sal Borghese! Joshua Sinclair! Massimo Vanni! Stefania Girolami! Enzo G Castellari!

Enzo Castellari stands out in an overcrowded market by showing everyone how it should be done - a full on Poliziotesschi, brutal and action packed, but also delivered with that pure Castellari style. This is the ideal starting place for anyone because if you don't like this, the genre probably isn't for you.

A new breed of criminal are moving in on Rome's protection rackets. Fearless, violent and ambitious, they go from shop to shop in the Piazza Navona threatening the patroni but unaware that they are being tailed by cop Nico (Fabio Testi) and his sidekick Sal Borghese. Their smartly dressed boss Rudy (Joshua Sinclair) does notice, however, and the result is Testi having his car rolled off a cliff. With him inside it. Castellari of course introduces Rudy with a serious of quirky edits set to a drum beat and films Nico from inside the car in slow motion while he rolls about in a blizzard of glass. This is in the first ten minutes.

Basically this new gang have the populace terrified and Nico is struggling to find someone brave enough to come forward as a witness. One restaurant owner does (Renzo Palmer) and the result is his daughter getting kidnapped and raped by the gang. Palmer then becomes insane and starts killing any criminals he can get his hands on. This of course lands Nico in trouble with his boss.

A gang this ruthless make a lot of enemies and eventually it's from this pool of bereaved husbands, vengeful fathers, double-crossed gangsters and petty criminals that Nico has to gather a small army to take on the gang, resulting in a gun battle that isn't so much a shoot out as full on warfare that decimates the populace of Rome and leaves it a smoking ruin littered with corpses and burning cars.

There's a lot to recommend this one. Fabio Testi's frustration as the gang constantly wipe out anyone who stands up to them is something to behold. Massimo Vanni as the cocky gangster and his rape-happy mates stand out as they beat shopowners, incite riots and kill without thinking. Vincent Gardenia adds a bit of humanity as the old pickpocket who helps Testi and gets his nephew killed in the process.

Enzo does his usual tricks, from slow motion to unusual camera angles to quick edits, and you've got the usual funky soundtrack by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis. This is one of the best of 1976 and the genre, and although it's the only Eurocrime film Castellari made in 1976, he would also make Keoma the same year, and that's one of the best Spaghetti Westerns ever made. What a guy.

I must however point out that some moron who did the English dubbing decided to sanitise all the swearing, which marrs the film slightly. They all literally sound like Ned Flanders, talking about being in "deep diddly", or "that lousy basket" or "you mucker." Thankfully it doesn't ruin the film.

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