The Big Ugly



IMDb Rating 3.9 10 103

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Ron Perlman as Preston
Leven Rambin as Kara
Vinnie Jones as Neelyn

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Reviewed by nebk 4 / 10

Not Very Good

The Big Ugly is about an English crime enforcer looking for vengeance after the love of his life is killed in West Virginia. The fact that she was drugged and killed by the son of an oil man who happens to be best friend with the enforcers English boss complicates matters as do the 25 million pounds which one has given as a loan to the other.

This movie is not as bad as one could expect and the actors including Ron Pearlman as the Oil Man and Malcom McDowell as the British Crime Boss are decent in their supporting roles. Vinnie Jones as the aggrieved enforcer is not bad either. The fact that all three had a hand in producing the film probably had them act as well as they could. The actors in the smaller roles are all ok as well. The biggest problem here is the bad story which feels like it is dragging way too much and gets too slow and at times repetitive. Most of the characters also feel either like too much of a cliche or do very dumb things to advance the plot. Overall, this was not very exciting or engaging although everyone tries their best to produce a decent film. It could have been much better had the story been better written.

Reviewed by refordgarry 5 / 10

Two Smoking Barrels of Rye?

Hard-Guy Vinney, soccer-player-turned-actor just about acquits himself here. The W. Virginia location looked good, as did the contributions of his screen-partners Ron Perlman, as aged London gang-leader, "Harris" , and Malcolm McDowell, red-neck oilman's-leader, "Preston". The clash of culture between limey metropolitan gangster and backwoods oil-man, with an unexpected ecological & ideological tinge was always going to be a pretty difficult one - as it proved. The real disappointment here was the Plot, which started OK enough, but really was grasping for straws a long time before the last reel of film.

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