The Black House



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sgcim 9 / 10

More good J-horror!

I don't know why this one hasn't been seen more. Excellent direction, acting, shooting, music and mood. It's definitely ripe for another USA, copy-cat production, and not much would have to be changed, because it's a fairly universal plot involving insurance scams, psychopaths and other fun stuff. The two other reviews mentioned the comical aspect of the meek insurance agent, but that's what made it so much fun to begin with, and created the necessary tension any good thriller needs. The director created a lot of great atmosphere which really drew you into the film, as opposed to a complete failure like "Carved (The Slit Mouthed Woman"), which had nothing going for it. I watched the two movies one after another, and the difference was night and day.

Reviewed by sambson 7 / 10

A pre-Asian Horror boom, collusion between Noir and Horror

Enjoyable fare from 1999! Before the Asian Horror boom hit internationally, this adaptation of a best-selling book was made (and remade 8 years later in South Korea). To me, this film is something of a collusion between a Noir thriller and a Horror film. The languid pacing, nebbish investigator, slow unraveling of clues, and cat and mouse between the principal characters, all originate with Noir. But the body horror, psychological analysis, stalking of the protagonist, and color themes (green then yellow then red) come from Horror. However, if I were to leave out the humor, it would be a complete misrepresentation. The Japanese often love to include black humor in their twisted tales, and this film is a prime example. In trying to keep this review spoiler free, I won't include the long list of goofy moments, but it's all plain to see. This plays into the illogical motives of the characters at times which keeps this from being a deadly serious tale. On the critical side, I will say that it doesn't match later efforts in Asian Horror cinema, in respect to taut, action packed storylines; but I appreciated it's place in the history of that genre. When the confrontation about 90 mins in was put off; I must admit I was mildly frustrated. But the final 20 mins(!) ended up being a solid climax, and I then saw some logic in frustrating the viewer just to amp up their desire for resolution. Overall fun but not genre defining. Rather, a piece of the puzzle that lead to something much greater later on.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 5 / 10


An insurance manager gets a phone call asking him what the Shawa Life company policy is on a suicide pay out. This sends him into a tizzy. He goes to a house where he is set up to be the one who discovers the suicide victim. The company suspects fraud and is reluctant to pay out. Our agent investigates further to find a history of deaths and payouts.

The film is mildly interesting and seems to have lost something in the translation. Two hours is much too long. Film is in subtitles.

No f-bombs or sex. Some nudity +stripper.

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