The Blazing World


Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 182

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Vinessa Shaw as Alice Winter
Liz Mikel as Dr. Cruz
Soko as Margot
Carlson Young as Margaret Winter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JasonMcFiggins 9 / 10

A mesmerizing and emotional movie.

THE BLAZING WORLD is the journey of one woman to reclaim her past and face her devastating depression from a childhood trauma, all presented as a dark fairy tale. Think Nicolas Winding Refn directing a script from David Lynch inspired by Lewis Carroll. First time filmmaker Carlson Young uses dazzling, darkly neon, and twisted visuals to tell this story, and her striking vision puts her great talent on full display. Dermot Mulroney impresses and Udo Kier is damn creepy. Crushing and gorgeous to watch with an utterly haunting score, the film is a mesmerizing, emotional experience you won't soon forget. Bravo Carlson Young!

Reviewed by travisthegrimm 8 / 10

A Fantasy and Horror Gem


Holy cow, this film was phenomenal. Caught it during the virtual Sundance screening and I am still in awe. This film was so wild and imaginative. It borders on horror and fantasy but brings the two together beautifully.

Carlson Young is already an amazing actor (and this film just proves that ten fold) but to see her directing skills? I cannot get enough. The way she has the audience view this film deserves a whole essay on its own.

I have many more thoughts but gotta rush to make the next screening.

Absolutely loved this film to pieces and it's symbology. I'm so excited to see who picks this one up because it deserves to be seen by a broader audience!

Reviewed by deathgrip1234 4 / 10

Divided Amongst Us: The Blazing World effect

The Blazing World (2021) is a visual powerhouse of dark horrific fantasy that delivers a mediocre message on trauma and mental illness. That's not the say I don't hate the film; however, I find myself entertained.

The story made things clear, unlike the short, about where this might be going. The first half is great and the second half makes you fall off a cliff. The cinematography is still present but I think it's a bit weaker than the short was. Nothing was pushing the boundaries. The acting had some potential and I think there was just one over the top moment that had me questioning it. The score is lovely and I love love love the lighting in this film.

This is a film that has already divided audiences during the screening. Most of them virtually left the screening. I wanted to stay and see what was going to happen. It turns out I was just satisfied with half of the film, but a majority of its technical aspects really hooked me.

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