The Boat That Rocked


Action / Comedy / Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 59%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 108225

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Gemma Arterton as Desiree
Kenneth Branagh as Sir Alistair Dormandy
January Jones as Elenore
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2 hr 15 min
P/S 4 / 11

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adrian-43767 7 / 10

Good fun but unnecessarily long

I can think of very few films with a more enticing soundtrack than THE BOAT THAT ROCKED (aka PIRATE RADIO), and for that alone it is worth watching. Other pluses include assured direction and photography, and very good acting by all, including shiny small parts by Branagh and Thompson.

Dialogue is good, with some very sharp one-liners, but the film is needlessly long, especially at the end, when the boat sinks, a sequence that is milked to death. Were that sequence economical enough to shorten the movie by 10 minutes, I would have easily given this film one more star. Alas, 7/10 is the most I can give to a film that is otherwise great fun to watch.

Reviewed by akrill 7 / 10

Comedy 'based on a true story'

Even my vision is enough to see what a strong idea inside this movie, and obviously the film crew didn't bring everything they want into the film. But it's not the only problem: That Boat That Rocked is also too long story/too boring in some moments, and I couldn't forgive it.

Reviewed by oliver_reid 5 / 10

Entertaining (just), but a missed opportunity

This is slapstick farce woven from the corniest threads of the British comedy genre.

Parents should think carefully before encouraging anyone over 12 to watch it.

Great acting talent that could have been employed to talk about serious issue of artistic and political freedom, without sacrificing any entertainment value. The actual events of the time raised serious issues, but in this script everything (including the massive public support for free radio) is used only as prop for joke.

All the figures are caricatures with no depth and it is frustrating to think what Brannagh and Nye might have brought to a less childish script.

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