The Book of Love



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Jessica Biel as Penny Herschel
Jason Sudeikis as Henry Herschel
Maisie Williams as Millie
Mary Steenburgen as Julia Mureaux
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BeavisMoon 7 / 10

I liked it

In short, I liked this movie a lot; it made me laugh and cry, though not without a few eye-rolls in between. That being said, I think it deserves more than the 5.5 rating--at least 6.5/7.

I agree in part with both the reviews on here (the 2 star, and the 8 star) in that sure, it was cheesy at times and the writing often struck me as contrived, but the superb acting from our two leads carried the movie to heights it wouldn't have achieved otherwise.

I'm a Sudeikis fan and as usual he delivered a solid performance. I believed and felt what his character was going through--the paralyzing, confused helplessness of loss and subsequent searching for understanding.

Maisie Williams is awesome. I felt like even though Sudeikis got more screen time, Williams was the star here and kept me intrigued throughout. Such a great, authentic actress.

Overall, really enjoyed the movie and would definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by usajet 10 / 10

Great Feel Good Movie - 10 Stars

The Book of Love was a great feel good movie with chance encounters and picking up pieces after a tragic event. Very good serious acting role for Jason Sudiekis who is normally known for his comedy roles and SNL. This was a very touching movie worth watching for adults as well as others. The music by Justin Timberlake was certainly an added bonus. Well done...!!!

Reviewed by celticrose-23097 8 / 10

Enjoyable & heartwarming

Maisie Williams is a superb actress in everything she does,including this & Jason Sudekis does an excellent drama role. It's a wonderful movie, put together well,explaining how these 2 different people, 1 teenager& 1 adult came together through his wife & built a raft together so the girl could continue her fathers voyage. Could have done without Jason's 2 handyman, or at least the nickname for one (dumbass) & the fact that one doesn't speak any English, but other than that it kept my interest and that's a good thing

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