The Boom

1963 [ITALIAN]


IMDb Rating 7.2 10 929

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Alberto Sordi as Giovanni Alberti

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Reviewed by FilmCriticLalitRao 10 / 10

Il Boom : A different type of 'comedy" film directed by Vittorio de Sica (Bicycle Thieves)

After the end of neorealism cinema movement,it was Italian cinema's turn to give a different cinema genre to the world.It was called "Commedia All'Italiana", an Italian way of making comedy films.These films tackled Italian realities in a comical fashion.Among its leading proponents,one can cite names of directors such as Dino Risi,Ettore Scola,Mario Monicelli,Luigi Comencini and Nanni Loy.Taking cue from the widespread financial as well as industrial boom which Italy witnessed in 1960s,Dino Risi decided to direct a film called "Il Boom".His film is a brilliant comical attack on Italian upper middle families especially against their ludicrous tendencies to spend more than what they really earn.One sees them enjoying all the comforts which a life can offer them including a visit to a horse racing show and a gourmet food party.The film focuses its attention on Giovanni Alberto,a role played with perfect dexterity by great Italian actor Alberto Sordi,who sacrifices a lot including his family,friends and even a precious part of himself in order to get rid of his mounting debts.Apart from Italian middle classes,Dino Risi's 'Il Boom' is replete with a lot of easy to identify symbols which represent the Italian nation namely church and an ability to dance to excellent English music tracks helmed by Piero Piccioni.All music lovers would like to dance to the tunes of "Il Twist".

Reviewed by mcongedi 7 / 10

De Sica delivers a fine black "Commedia all'Italiana"

Vittorio De Sica's name will forever be associated with neo-realism, however there are other films in his oeuvre that are worthy entries. "Il Boom" is De Sica's finest contribution to the "Commedia all'Italiana" films which dominated Italian cinema from the mid-1950s to the late 1970s. These comedies were often witty observations of daily life with all its compromises, hypocrisies and struggles.

"Il Boom" is one of the finest entries in the series and one of the blackest. Alberto Sordi plays a husband who is living beyond his means largely thanks to his high-spending wife and due to that need to "Keep up appearances", a vital part of Italian city life. Sordi's character is called on to make a great sacrifice to get out of debt. To reveal more would be to spoil the plot for other viewers.

Well worth hunting down. The great Cesare Zavattini wrote the script (say no more) and the master Vittorio De Sica directs. Fine effort!

Reviewed by MortSahlFan 7 / 10

A Review of a Review

The featured review on the main page is mixed up... Vittorio De Sica directed "Il Boom", not Dino Risi. I don't know how he got it confused, especially with De Sica's name right on "Directed By" at the top of the page.

Pretty good movie, 7/10... I guess I find humor in movies in all the "wrong" places.

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