The Bounty

2012 [CN]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 153

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dumsumdumfai 7 / 10

borderline but at least it tried on many fronts

The appearance of Alex Man made this movie for me alone. He wisely does not go over the top but fitting to each scene and to his character.

But Chapman To holds the screen and the movie together, but barely. The middle parts with the gang in the forest and the by the rocky beaches is very plotting. It has a plot for the sick of plot but does nothing else.

Fiona Sit's character has some uniqueness but she's still herself for the most part.

And the surprise guess star is good touch but he's just they way he is.

Otherwise the beginning is captivating as you can't figure out where this thing is going yet. And ending is alright too. There are points where it tried to bring some theme or points across - commendable but .. oh well.

It's above average for HK comedies, as in it is not ludicrous or bad-tastes. But it only exists in 1 or 2 levels, and that's just barely an effort.

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