The Boy Behind the Door


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 97%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 1669

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Micah Hauptman as The Creep
Ezra Dewey as Kevin
Lonnie Chavis as Bobby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Weary76 5 / 10

Fine film, except for the script

I've only seen the first page, but the user reviews here seem fair for a change. Not many 1's or 10's given out. Mostly 4 stars for this film.

And I've read some reviews of the professional critics. And that's why I wanted to write this user review, which I don't often do.

The critics of which I've read the reviews claim that the main characters make smart choices.

As a horror fan, I have rarely been as aggrevated as I've been while watching this film, because the main characters make awful choices. Too many to mention.

Apart from directing the children to act in a way that - to me - felt older than their age, everything else in this film was fine. Sound, set design, especially the cinematography. That's why giving it a 1 star is silly, it's not some amateur project.

But despite the short running time, this film felt longer than it was because I just couldn't stand the decisions the main characters make. They may be children and they may be in a scary situation, but they would not do what they did and be called smart for it.

Reviewed by charlesantoinedutil 2 / 10

The plot is incredibly stupid!

The plot can't get any worse.. The kids make decisions that make my brain hurt The actors are the only slightly good thing about that movie.. This movie is all about being stupid.

Reviewed by Pimilli 4 / 10

Great tense first 20 minutes. Dismal cartoon beyond that. Here's why.


I liked:

The production values The cinematography That the opening seems timeless. Is it the 1950s, 60s, 80s, 2020s? We don't know.

When the boy loses the ball I felt a deep sense of dread.

I disliked:

The boy was smashed on the head. No scars. No bumps. Nada.

Why would she take the Black kid if she had no plans for him. Why the risk?

What she was just waiting in a wide open herself...on a bright sunny day.....not 11pm at night.....and she beat up and kidnapped two athletic boys? Really....?

Overall up until the boy kills the man with the knife it just got progressively worse and worse.

The boy doesn't run away for help to return, doesn't go to the neighbours.....but goes back into the house.

The boy kills a man and with blood all over the kitchen and after he drags a body into another room....proceeds to clean up ALL the blood with two tea about 3 minutes. Ludicrous. We both checked out at this point. Have the writers lived on Earth long?

The cop goes into the house with no back up. Doesn't radio in.

As soon as the cop sees the boy we all knew he was dead. Farce.

The woman kills the cop who is investigating. What was her plan? They know where to find the car. Cars have tracers on them. He doesn't radio in so there would be cops in no time. It would have worked if it wasn't a cop but a neighbour a Mexican gardener with no ties and connections.

The kid sees the cop coming to the door. He's upstairs. He doesn't break the window and yell out to the cop. He doesn't immediately run downstairs when the cop comes to the door. He doesn't yell from the top of the stairs. No sir. He must run downstairs just as the cop gets an axe in the chest. Who was surprised by this?

Why is she interested in chasing those boys like a Scooby Doo villain? People are on to you. Take your money and RUN....but no. She walks around and she might as well say "come out come out wherever you are." Idiotic.

The boy crawls out from under her bed. She's in the shower. He proceeds to unlock the safe and spend a good few minutes perusing the contents....with his back to the shower. Even if he's a kid....the first thing you would want to do is.... RUN away.... RUN to your friend. Anything.... BUT RUN. This is a joke.

Numerous times the woman is knocked out, knocked down. With a weapon nearby....and EVERY TIME...they don't find a smart way of tying her up AND they never. Ever. Take away her weapon. Never.

I loathe those 80s close ups of the hands holding a key...a taser...a whatever. In a life and death situation.....I never....slowly open my hand to reveal a key or grab it and No human creature does this.

The dialouge sounds like NOTHING an 11 or 12 year old would sounds horrendous coming from them. Have you ever heard children speak? You wrote it for adults. Switched a few things around. And you made the protagonists children.

I would have found it more frightening if it was a bunch of men who were I don't know nazis or perverts or anything. A woman casually walking around with a cartoon villain vibe didn't do it.

Also when you're about to kill someone with a big stick you must slowly raise it up over your head and take a good few moments before striking

The boy is lying on the ground next to the cop car. The villian has an axe. She takes an...inordinate....amount of time to swing that axe to hit him in his back. What was she waiting on? (This comes again later. The who slowlllllly raising of a weapon to kill the kids. It's a cartoon.)

The cop shooting her as she had her arms raised up was so telegraphed from a thousand other dismal thrillers and we knew she would get shot. Cliche situation. A monument to cliché. Look at it and tell us you haven't seen that before.

Also when somebody is slowly raising a stick up to kill you and your friend you must lie down perfectly still without rolling away, without kicking her hard in her shins, without two of you, sports players, tackling her and ripping her to shreds. No. Even if i were a double amputee I would hit her and fight her and fight for my life.

Out of 10:

Acting: 7 Writing: 3. The writing is criminal.

Direction: 4 Production values: 7 Atmosphere: 8 Great camerawork.

I was really looking forward to this. We watched it as a group and just saw it completely turned into a cartoon. You know who you should show this movie to? Attendees of the World's Fair in 1898. They may be so amazed by the movie stuff on screen that they will ignore all the silly decisions made.

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