The Boy Who Killed My Parents


Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 1524

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brubrumor-01318 4 / 10

Bad outcome for such a fascinating story

We all wonder what happened in the days before and after the crime. We all wonder what kind of psycho is suzane why she committed this awfull crime??? No questions were answered by watching this movie. The acting is too fake, the actress portraits suzane almost as a drug addict going through a crisis. Why all the sex scenes? We wanted to have a look in the investigation and the details of the day of the murder. All we had was another romance story and besides we have to watch two movies to get to a conclusion? I have so many unanswered questions. Did suzane have friends? What did the people on their surrounding say about the crime? Did they have employees? Relatives that had any idea of what was going on? What happens between the day of the murder and their trial date? We dont even see the popular image of all of them (andrea, suzane and daniel) in the funeral?! What a great opportunity of a movie we had but this is just not it.

Reviewed by annamillman 10 / 10

This movie is really good

This movie is very good, the cast worked very well, the script is also very good and the circumstance of the film is wonderful.

Reviewed by manuelaomc 2 / 10

Poor acting and direction

I know Carla Diaz from her acting when she was still a kid and, later on, during her teenage times. I could never imagine such terrible acting and I am inclined to believe she was misguided by the direction and production to present such a poor acting. Actually, she is not the only one who did bad in the dialogs, making me even more certain that the director didn't know what he was doing. The movies are both boring and repetitive. Of course it should be repetitive since is the same story being told by two people, but they could save us some time to skip the same scenes. The dialogs are unnatural, far from feeling reality while watching. I could see all the time the actress playing instead of the character and I wouldn't recommend this waste of movie to anyone. Such a good idea for a movie based in true facts, great actors and such a terrible outcome. Costume crew, please find her a better wig! Sad sad sad.

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