The Boyfriend School


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revenge cancer cartoonist

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Jami Gertz as Emily Pear
Mädchen Amick as Mandy
Shelley Long as Lizzie Potts
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Reviewed by steven-112 7 / 10

Funny Face

Absolutely charming, an old school romance that would never see the light of day in the noughties.

Full of genuinely funny moments, particularly from Shelley Long chastising her infant on the dangers of sticking fingers in sockets or eating oil covered bolts in a non-chalont manner. Leads look great and have the timing for comedy. Jamie Gertz never fails to charm.

Funny, romantic, inspiring and beautiful, says this soppy old romantic.

Reviewed by funky_cherry86 7 / 10

A Nice Romantic Comedy

Having just won a battle against leukemia cartoonist Gus Kubicek (Guttenberg)is bald, chubby and not to mention lonely his novelist sister Lizzie Potts (Long) tries to set him up with suitable women. Emily Pear (Gertz) is a young and beautiful reporter whose looking for the right man, after a disastrous first meeting with Gus Lizzie takes it upon herself to transform her brother into a hunk of a man. After a new makeover Lizzie gives him a new name not to mention accent he is now known as Lobo a bad boy biker from New Zealand. Emily finds herself in love with him but Gus wonders if she could ever love the man he really is or a fake dream guy. Steve Guttenberg gave a funny yet touchy performance as Gus Kubicek and Lobo while Jamie Gertz adds a nice touch as his love interest 7/10 Stars

Reviewed by H_Spengler 10 / 10

Guilty Pleasure

This is just a cute popcorn romance movie that is unlike any other comedy/romance movie i've seen before. Based on the book "The Boyfriend School."

Guttenburg looks handsome, Gertz is charming as the initially shallow object of affection. Shelly Long steals every scene she's in with an overly cheery, matter o' fact personality.

It's a simple story, but it works. Guttenburg plays hapless Gus, who falls in love with Emily (Gertz.) Realizing that she would never go for him in his present state (he's recently won his bout with Hodgkins) he transforms himself into romance novelesque "Lobo" the mysterious hunky foreign stranger (with the assistance of his romance novel author sister Lizzie (Long.) In an effort to win her heart.

I won't ruin the movie for those of you who haven't seen it, it's fun, refreshing and a cute little movie with memorable scenes, characters and an original premise.

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