The Boys


Crime / Drama

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John Polson as Glenn Sprague
David Wenham as Brett Sprague
Toni Collette as Michelle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by haz567 10 / 10

Powerhouse Drama

Rowan Wood's film The Boys is a cracking little drama from Australia, driven by some excellent performances and notable for an early appearance from David Wenham & Toni Collette on screen together before they hit it big over in the states.

This film is intense, taken as a slow burning drama it works incredibly well as a portrait of a working class Australian family tearing itself apart over the course of a single day. It culminates in an ending that leaves the viewer cold, featuring intertwined cut-scenes strewn throughout the film which show later consequences only serving to intensify the lack of resolution and bleakness present as the credits start to roll.

As a director Rowan Woods adds some nice touches though the main focus of the film is on developing the characters present. The opening sequences feature an almost surrealistic focus on an everyday Australian household setting and the objects within it, something quite unknown to me in the realms of film which sets a spooky tone to the minimalist soundtrack composed by The Necks. Grainy shots of the city at night between sequences further this, capturing perfectly the maudlin vibes I know so well.

The Boys is a very well made film, one of the most accomplished dramas to have come out of Australia. Being born on these shores personally and having known people who live like this it becomes all the more relevant. It is bleak but despite this there is an uneasy humor throughout, the plight of the ultimately pathetic characters striking an ambiguity where you don't know whether to laugh or feel disturbed.

This is life... is it not?

Reviewed by Davo66 10 / 10

The most powerful Aussie crime flick that I have ever seen

This movie is the most powerful piece of cinema to come out of Australia and the performances by all actors, and in particular David Wenham and Toni Colletter where incredible.

It is in the same league as Romper Stomper, and, Chopper, but with better acting.

This film was never intended to be a documentary or to be an insight into the criminal mind and those who have reviewed it as such have totally missed the point. This is a movie about smalltime criminals that pulls no punches and tells it as it is and doesn't try to glorify these characters unlike the sort of movies you see coming out of Hollywood that are from the same genre.

If you are looking for a "moral" to the story, or to learn some "facts" about the criminal world you may be disappointed with this film.

But if you like intensely realistic plot lines and powerful acting performances then you will find "The Boys" to be one of those movies that you must add to your DVD library.

Reviewed by Trudi-7 9 / 10

A brilliant Australian Film

What a Movie...this movie was impacting, and left a sour taste in my mouth. Brett Sprague was an extremely nasty piece of works. David Wenham brought the character of Brett to life so brilliantly. I was in fear of this character, and what was the most frightening aspect was that this character felt real... not a "Freddy Kruger" type of unbelievable scary character, but a TRUE nightmare... there are people like Brett out there in the world, and that was what was so frightening for me. This movie had a tremendous sense of fear and danger throughout. Every performance was outstanding, especially those of David Wenham, Toni Collette and Lynette Curran. The women in the film sensed the imminent danger, but the brothers were just hopelessly and dangerously in awe of their brother, Brett. This is Australian film making at its best, and I would like to commend our film industry with taking risks, and encouraging our artists to continue to make wonderfully original and creative films. Congratulations to all concerned.

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