The Boys Next Door


Comedy / Drama

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Lynne Thigpen as Mrs. Tracy
Elizabeth Wilson as Mary Fremus
Caroline Aaron as Mrs. Warren
Michael Hogan as Dr. Racine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by doeadear 8 / 10

Realistic, non-sentimental view of the mentally challenged

I enjoyed this film from many aspects. The acting is first rate, and it is clearly well-researched and presented in a realistic, non-sentimental fashion. Having grown up around the mentally ill and the mentally challenged, I can decipher caricature from character rather quickly. I was absolutely blown away by Courtney B. Vance's depiction of Lucien. Mr. Vance is completely absorbed in this role. His carriage, walk, talk, mannerisms, everything is perfect. I have known people like Lucien. When Tony Goldwyn's character, Jack, imagines a "normal" Lucien, we can see the absolutely perfect acting job of Courtney B. Vance.

The other actors are very good, but Courtney B. Vance is the stand out. Nathan Lane as Norman reminds me very much of mentally challenged people I have known who are forever introducing themselves. Robert Sean Leonard plays a schizophrenic convincingly. And Tony Goldwyn is emotional and not too sentimental as Jack, the hard-working, good-hearted, but all too human caretaker. It is a very good film.

Reviewed by speechjhs 9 / 10

An excellent adaptation of a wonderful play

In bringing Tom Griffin's touching play to the screen, director John Erman and his remarkable cast have brought warmth and respect to The Boys Next Door. It is clear that the team wanted to be faithful not only to Griffin's text, but also to the disabled community. Viewers can easily see that the artists are taking the job of crafting the comedy very seriously.

The performers in this talented ensemble bring great dignity to these characters. Courtney Vance is especially touching as Lucien, and challenges the audience's perceptions of the challenged in a moment of theatrical magic.

This movie is worth seeing by anyone who is looking for something more than simple laughs. While the movie is very funny, it also makes an important comment about the inherent worth of all people, regardless of their outward appearance of ability or disability.

Reviewed by Atlantis2032 10 / 10

The best film for tv i have seen for a while

I think that this film was brilliant I couldn't take my eye's off the screen. I had seen most of the actors from this film in other films in the past and thought they were good actors and actresses but after watching this I had to change my mind and say they are brilliant. The story is brilliant and moving showing people with different abilities and how they and there families cope with them and it is true to life, if you get the chance to watch this film I think you will feel the same as I did and that you would love to make a difference to people's lives just as the characters in this movie made me feel. If you enjoyed rain man, regarding henry then I strongly suggest you watch this film even if you did enjoy these films give it a go it absolutely brilliant.

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