The Brass Bottle


Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 836

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Philip Ober as William Beevor
Parley Baer as Samuel Wackerbath
Aline Towne as Miss Glidden
Herb Vigran as Eddie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Tony Randall gets the greatest gift in the world....yet inexplicably doesn't want it!

"The Brass Bottle" is a silly film that is well worth seeing...even if it's leading character is a bit of a drip! It all begins when Harold Ventimore (Tony Randall) buys a giant rosewater vessel to give to his father-in-law to be (Edward Andrews). Harold notices that the man already has one of these ancient containers and so he decides to keep it for himself. Later, when he gets home and opens it, out pops Mr. Fakrash (Burl Ives)...a real, live genie!! Now you'd think that Harold would ask him for power, money or a harem of sexy wives but instead he just wants the very affable Fakrash to leave him alone. But Fakrash insists on helping Harold...yet again and again this help only seems to make things worse. Now you sure would think Harold would ask for a few reasonable things...but again and again he just scolds Fakrash! Can Fakrash manage to help Harold while STILL avoiding creating nothing but chaos?!

The film is a cute bit of fantasy and Ives and Randall are quite enjoyable. Likewise, it's wonderful seeing co-stars such as Barbara Eden (just before she went on to TV fame in "I Dream of Jeanie") and the familiar Edward Andrews as her annoying father. Oh, and by the way, Andrews and Randall would be back together for an equally silly film, "Fluffy". Overall, quite fun and a nice bit of fantasy that will please all but the most serious-minded viewers.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Let Fakrash put you in the driver's seat

Tony Randall hoping to impress his rather stern would be father-in-law Edward Andrews the archeology professor with a big brass urn that he says is authentic. When he sees one in Andrews's home, Randall is rather discouraged. But when he opens his brass urn at home it really is authentic because through the green smoke out pops Burl Ives as Fakrash the genie.

Of course Fakrash who has been imprisoned since the days of King Suleiman, that's Solomon to the shegetz and he wants to do all kinds of things to his new friend and master Randall. Of course he's got a few thousand years of culture to catch up on so he manages to make a hash out of Randall's professional and personal life. That includes his courting of Barbara Eden who is Edward Andrews's daughter.

Randall and Ives play well off each other. Ives with a twinkle in his eye looks like he's having a great old time hamming it up in a role that calls for some generous pork. Randall does well in a role I could see Jack Lemmon possibly as better casting. I'll bet Lemmon got offered this one.

The 20th Century wasn't quite ready for Fakrash the genie, but Ives learns as he observes. As for how it works out, look to how it all worked out for David Niven and Loretta Young after Cary Grant the angel did take his leave of them. Of course this is quite a bit different.

And a lot funnier besides.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

silly genie movie

Architect Harold Ventimore (Tony Randall) is starting out and struggling to get any business. He buys an antique brass bottle for the Egyptology professor father of his girlfriend Sylvia Kenton (Barbara Eden). Her father is not happy with their impending marriage. He's about to give them the bottle when he notices a similar looking lamp, a Japanese copy. He suspects that his friend is right about his bottle being a cheap knock-off. When he actually gets the bottle open, a genie named Fakrash Al-Amash (Burl Ives) comes out.

It's a cinematic oddity that Barbara Eden would become a cultural icon a year after this as a genie herself. That's a bit of an interesting trivia. Here's the thing about a funny genie story. It has to be a twist. The donkey is probably the funniest one and the visual of a donkey riding in a car is hilarious. Harold complains way too much. When given gold and jewels, he should take it for heaven's sake. Then the funny repercussion can follow. Also Tony Randall doesn't really fit this role. He supposedly was a fun prankster before but he's doing his wet blanket bit. Also this world is not realistic in an annoying way. Nevertheless, it's lighthearted fun and one shouldn't nitpick at this. It's a silly movie.

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