The Break-Up


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Jennifer Aniston as Brooke Meyers
Vincent D'Onofrio as Dennis Grobowski
Jason Bateman as Riggleman
Jon Favreau as Johnny O
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Reviewed by Robert_Hearth 4 / 10

"…Pick A Side" --- Tagline For "The Break-Up"

"The Break-Up" (2006)

Directed By: Peyton Reed

Starring: Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston, Joey Lauren Adams, Jon Favreau, Jason Bateman, Judy Davis, & Justin Long

MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (for sexual content, some nudity and language)

"The Break-Up" is probably most famous for sparking the famous relationship of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. Think about it as the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" for the couple. The only difference is that "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" was a fun, entertaining movie and "The Break-Up" is anything but. In fact, this is one of the least entertaining and joyless movies I have seen this year. We all know how hard and awkward break-ups can be. "The Break-Up" analyzes this with very little compromise. In fact, it puts this failing couple into one of most awkward situations imaginable--having them share a condo until they can sell it. The real question, though, is not how they will handle this situation…but, why should we really want to see it? Why do we want to see two people bicker and complain for an hour and forty or so minutes? Why do we want to experience all of the awkward moments that come with this scenario? The answer is that, of course, we don't want to do anything of these things. Herein lays the problem with "The Break-Up". It is a movie that we just don't want to see filled with characters we don't really care about.

Gary Grobowski (Vaughn) and Brooke Meyers (Aniston) were once a loving couple who had everything they thought they needed: each other, a wonderful condo, and jobs that were certain to propel them to bigger and better things. But, now, the relationship is over and neither of them can afford to pay for the mortgage without each other…and so they are having to sell, but, until they find a buyer, they must live together. Both, still bitter over the difficult break-up, decide to make each other miserable by flirting with other people, inviting loud friends over, quartering the condo up into different compartments, and more. But, will they realize that they really do love each other and reconcile…or is this break-up for good? If you have ever watched a romantic comedy, you know that the entire movie circles around you wanting desperately for the couple to be happy and together at the end. I didn't feel that way at all about the couple in "The Break-Up". In fact, I only wanted them to go their separate ways and to stop the annoying arguing and the backstabbing. Vince Vaughn's character, Gary, in particular, was horribly annoying whenever Aniston's character, Brooke, was around, and, while Brooke was at least likable, many of her actions seemed mean and reprehensible. How could anyone want these two to get together? The relationship was just bothersome and aggravating.

How could "The Break-Up" not work? It had a great cast and the director of "Down with Love" (a bitter, yet hilarious romantic comedy) and "Bring It On" (a hip, edgy teen comedy) behind it? This movie seemed like a sure bet and yet it just doesn't work. It isn't romantic. It isn't funny. It is awkward and the constant arguing gets old very quickly. The characters, themselves, are indeed very strange--almost like parodies of real people, but the movie takes itself far too seriously to allow them to seem realistic. The two main characters are not made out to be people we can really care about. Gary, especially, is despicable for the majority of the movie and Brooke, though the only main character with which we can sympathize, does her fair share of mean things. On top of all of this, where was the humor? Was this supposed to be a comedy? If so, then it is one of the least effective comedies of the year. On a warmer note, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn give great performances and the actual break-up (and ensuing arguments) are handled realistically. The only problem is: why would anyone really want to see them?

Final Thought: Despite good performances from the leads, "The Break-Up" is an awkward, unfunny movie that fails to engage its audience.

Overall Rating: 4/10 (C+)

Reviewed by sixdayssouth 10 / 10

Simply Fantastic

Honestly, I was completely shocked by this film. I didn't see it in theaters because it honestly didn't look like the type of film I would typically find appealing. But when the DVD was released, I snatched it up in a hurry because my wife loves romantic comedies. And that's exactly what we thought we were going to get. Instead we got a poignant, heartfelt and almost painfully realistic piece of insight into the psychology and calamity of two people struggling to hold onto something they never had ahold of in the first place: love.

First of all, I must say that Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston were absolutely fantastic. I'm a huge fan of Vince's and I've enjoyed Jennifer in most of the films I've seen her in, but I've never appreciated either of them as much as I did in The Break-up. Their acting was directly on-target. The initial fight scene (when the break-up actually occurs) was so phenomenal I actually paused the movie when it was over just to take it all in. I've never seen two people on screen portray a 'lovers quarrel' so accurately and realistically. Hats off to Jen and Vince for an outstanding performance.

The movie definitely has its funny moments. Vince brings his usual fast-talking wit to the screen and that's an instant recipe for comedy in my book. But what I really took from this movie, as someone who is in a committed relationship and understands (as well as the average person can) the complexities of love, was its underlying message. Love is not all moonlight and roses; it's not always romantic, it's not always fun and it's sure as hell not always easy. But hard work, dedication and a solid foundation of love and respect can bring two people through just about anything together. This movie is absolutely brilliant and I'd recommend it to anyone, but especially married couples or people in committed relationships.

Reviewed by Calin Florea 10 / 10

Great movie

I only have 3 "steps" in rating a movie. 3 stars - loved it, kept me awake, had fun, ate a lot of popcorn 2 stars - barely kept me awake and it was boring for me 1 star - the last transformers the last knight :))

I give 3 stars to this one, great story, realistically illustrated, looks great, sounds great, fantastic acting, maybe the soundtrack could've been better. Overall great movie to watch at night, makes you think when you go to sleep :). Girlfriend/wife friendly, tho it might bring up some unsaid stuff so be aware :)

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