The Bridge Part 2



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Katie Findlay as Molly Callens
Faith Ford as Donna Bartons
Ted McGinley as Charlie
Steve Bacic as Wade Callens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

better than the first

Molly Callens (Katie Findlay) and Ryan (Wyatt Nash) can't find their way back together after her father's secret interference. It's 7 years later. She's 25 and working for her media mogul father in Seattle. She is being pushed to be the CEO and engaged to Preston. Ryan moves back home to Franklin, Tennessee for an unknown reason. The Bridge is closed after some storm damage. Donna (Faith Ford) and Charlie (Ted McGinley) don't have the right insurance. The Bridge is fated to be closed forever and then Charlie's car accident puts him in a coma. Molly comes to visit Charlie.

This is an improvement over Part One. Her dad's scheme is still very sitcom but that's the last movie. For this movie, he is a proper villain and is able to find redemption. Molly and Ryan keep circling the same problem. The passage of time helps a lot. It's believable that these two don't want to revisit their past pains. The young couple are very beautiful and they deliver the sappy romance with gusto. Katie especially can really weep up a storm.

Reviewed by wkozak221 9 / 10

Very good movie.

I love the Hallmark Channel. They have a great variety of movies. This is a great movie. I love bookstores. I can get lost in them for hours. This is a great film that shows how's how a bookstore can bring people to-gether. The cast is great. Ted looks totally different. Still is a good actor. The only one I have a problem with is her dad. Sort of reminds me of Scrooge. Very nice film.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10


I review this story as a whole for both parts.

It is an interesting story, although it has a lot of reality holes, more than the usual Hallmark movie. I will try to ignore them. Also, I believe a 4 hour TV presentation is a little long for this story. Part of the reason the story is interesting is because the loving and devoted father becomes the main antagonist and does so in spades. (Oh how I wanted to hurt him.) On the other hand, the sudden complete reversal doesn't really ring true. The romance between Ryan and Molly is a good one. The parallel story of the bookstore owners adds to the enjoyment and it is here that we have the heartwarming element of loyal friendships coming through.

The acting is about what you'd expect for a TV movie as is the production. However, there is one actor that particularly caught my attention - Katie Findlay. Her style is unusual and I liked it. You could see how this young lady would be competent and independent, not to mention attractive. Yet you can also feel her hurts and confusion. Wyatt Nash works well with her and his singing is nice, even if the songs he sang were not earworms.

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