The Brilliant Biograph: Earliest Moving Images of Europe


Documentary / History

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dcarroll74 10 / 10


Yes, Yes Yes. Why did it take so long to create a documentary on something that has been the norm for over 100 years?

Forget about the other review. It was long winded and meant only for the reviewer, blowing their own trumpet. My review is for everyone.

Watch and enjoy. I've longed for someone to show the infancy of moving pictures.

It will go over the head of most because they will not or cannot comprehend, how motion picture made it's start, to where it is now. Only a very few know that, seeing a train "moving" on a screen caused the audience to believe, that the train was real, and they thought they were in danger.

The people pf today live in the land of smartphones, and don't know of dial up phones, used just to converse. They think a phone is a TV.

Everything starts from somewhere. What is now available on phones, laptops, tablets, TV streaming servies, all started from the Luimere Brothers.

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