The Brood


Horror / Sci-Fi

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Oliver Reed as Dr. Hal Raglan
Susan Hogan as Ruth Mayer
Samantha Eggar as Nola Carveth
Felix Silla as Creature
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nightman85 10 / 10

Disturbing horror with a very real message...

Early horror classic from director David Cronenberg remains one of his most intelligent and utterly shocking films!

Troubled woman under experimental therapy begins to manifest her rage in the form of violent, mutant children that menace her husband and young daughter.

David Cronenberg has long been known as a director with a love of the bizarre and The Brood ranks high on the cinematic weirdness scale. Yet from this eerie tale comes a very real-life message of the destructiveness of child abuse. Story-wise this film is a true gripper, with plenty of suspense and some down right nightmarish scenes. The plot builds to a finale that is terrifically intense; the final revelations being quite chilling. Cronenberg's direction is well-polished creating a haunting atmosphere and the special makeup FX are unforgettably good. The violence however is occasionally graphic so it's not for all tastes. In short, The Brood isn't for the squeamish.

The performances are excellent. The late Oliver Reed is splendidly sinister as the odd psychotherapist. Samantha Eggar does a haunting performance as the disturbed mother of 'the brood'. Art Hindle is good as always as Eggar's understandably worried husband. The supporting cast is also good.

For horror fans, The Brood is a must-see classic. It's certainly a frightening journey that won't be forgotten. One of Cronenberg's greatest films!

*** 1/2 out of ****

Reviewed by Krug Stillo 7 / 10

Cronenberg Grows

A very personal film for Cronenberg who was going through a divorce during the time of its making, The Brood has all the Cronenbergian motifs, plus great characterisation and a great performance from all involved.

Dr. Raglan (Oliver Reed) who is experimenting with metaphysical rage runs the Summerfree Institute. There he encourages his patience to indulge in allowing their inner anger to materialise in warts and blisters on their body. One of his patience is the demented Nola (Samantha Eggar) who has taken Raglan's therapy to the next stage. Her rage is apparently so potent that it results in The Brood, a savage group of dwarfs that emerge from the cysts on Nola's body. Unfortunately, Nola has another child, Candy and when her ex-husband, Frank (Art Hindle) finds that his wife is too unstable to look after their child he suppresses parental access. Nola goes even more insane and the brood ventures out to kill all those she believes have or may cause her harm. Although the carnage isn't excessively violent, the scene where Nola produces one of the dwarfs from a bloody sack and licks it clean leaves a nasty aftertaste.

Cronenberg has long been associated with fear of biological change, but is surprising that not many have picked up on his fascination, or dread of organisations. There's the Starliner Towers (Shivers), Keloid Clinic (Rabid), Summerfree Institute (The Brood), ConSec (Scanners), Spectacular Optical (Videodrome), Bartok Industries (The Fly), The Mantle Clinic (Dead Ringers), PildrImage Manufacturers (eXsistenZ).

Reviewed by Kashmirgrey 8 / 10

This Is Horror!

Although I have watched David Cronenberg's "The Brood" a number of times, I still find it unbelievably disturbing. From the beginning until the ending credits, it is unsettling horror at its morbid best.

Under the care of Dr. Hal Raglan (Oliver Reed), Nola Carveth (Samantha Eggar) is undergoing a radical and controversial form of psychiatric treatment called "Psychoplasmics". Psychoplasmics takes the role-playing of psychotherapy to a new level by training the patient to release his pent-up rage and physically expel that rage from his body. Sounds weird? That is only the beginning. Frank Carveth (Art Hindle) is Nola's estranged husband who suspects his wife of physically abusing their daughter Candace. After vowing to protect his daughter legally, murders committed by strange deformed children begin to occur.

To say anymore would be to stifle The Brood's terror-ific mystique. However, I will suggest that you consider experiencing this film on an empty stomach with the lights on. After viewing, don't be surprised if you feel compelled to make amends with anyone you might currently be at odds with.

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