The Bullet Wives

2005 [THAI]

Action / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 4.1 10 83

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 1 / 10

One of the most boring Thai action movies ever...

I stumbled upon the 2005 Thai action movie titled "The Mia" (aka "The Bullet Wives") here in 2021, and since I hadn't already seen it, of course I took the time to sit down to watch it.

Needless to say that I hadn't even heard about "The Bullet Wives" before sitting down to watch it, so I wasn't sure what to expect from director Kittikorn Liasirikun. However, given the title of movie, I must admit that I was expecting a bit more action in the movie than what it had.

The storyline told in "The Bullet Wives" is, and I am going to be bluntly honest here, absolute rubbish. I have to admit that the concept of the storyline told here was just beyond ludicrous and it failed entirely to capture my interest. In fact, I gave up on the movie with just 30 minutes left to watch, but by that time I was just fed up with watching virtually nothing.

The characters in the movie had as much appeal as wet cardboard, and I can't say that I had invested anything in any of the characters, as they were shallow cardboard cut-outs with no personalities, no traits or anything even remotely likeable. And the dialogue just didn't help sell the characters either. Nor did the wooden and rigid acting performances.

Then there was the action sequences. Well, if you consider women doing awkward poses and movements during gunfights, then you are in for a treat. Because what constituted action sequences in "The Bullet Wives" was just an atrocity to witness.

"The Bullet Wives" was a disappointing movie on every level, and I am rating it a generous one out of ten stars. This is not a movie that I will be returning to watch the remaining 30 minutes of, as I just simply don't care one bit about the story or the characters.

Reviewed by LARSONRD 7 / 10

Dances With Bullets: Style=B; Substance=D; Watchability=A

Also known as BULLET WIVES. In Thailand in the near future, women outnumber men so that men become hot commodities, sparking a vicious war between wives and mistresses as they fight over their men. The film takes this somewhat silly plot and makes a very entertaining and stylish, if noticeably uneven, film out of it. The plethora of gunfight sequences owe everything to John Woo, THE MATRIX and KILL BILL (even to the point of the umpteenth rip-off of KB's "Battles Without Honor And Humanity" march-into-the-restaurant scene). The gunfight scenes are choreographed to the point of unreality, but remain extremely effective even so, and occupy the film's best moments. The gunfights are designed as dances, carefully choreographed tangos in which bullets fly freely (and almost always miss their targets, who have an amazing knack for dodging bullets, EQUILIBRIUM/Gun Kata style; while guns never need reloading until somebody's weapon needs to run out at a dramatic moment), but the effect is a sumptuous visual feast of operatic and balletic interplay. The storyline, such as it is, is pretty hard to follow, and not just because the subtitle translation on the Thai DVD leaves a lot to be desired; its written haphazardly and much of whatever logic exists doesn't translate well – but as a fantasy tale it makes up for lack of substance with lots of slick visual style. There is little back story given to the characters, and even the lead wife, Jittra (Nussaba Punnakan), despite having a sister whose pining for her missing husband becomes a major sub plot, and the lead mistress, Maya (Methinee Kingpayome), nor the older women who founded the competing "First Class Wife International" and "Economy Wife International" aka mistresses) associations are given much depth of character. But, in the end, for this film, none of that really matters, since it's all about the dance, all about the style, anyway – a deadly dance in which the true culprits – the men – are eventually exposed. It's a very watchable film, even though the pacing is very uneven and for every gorgeously filmed action scene there are innumerable static dialog scenes that slow the film in its tracks. But, then: gorgeous babes decked out in stylish attire dancing between bullets – in a film like this that just might be enough!

Reviewed by gridoon2021 3 / 10

The women? Wow! The film? Zzzzzz....

I have no problems with the premise of this movie. Sure it's far-fetched (organized clubs of wives vs. mistresses in an open war through the streets of Thailand ), but I bought it as a good starting point for a comic book on film. Unfortunately, most of the movie consists of each of the two groups sitting around and WAITING for the other to make its move. The DVD cover and the trailer promise an action fest, but the truth is, between the stylized, dancelike shootouts which are kind of fun to watch but too infrequent, this movie gets unbearably talky. Most of the women are very beautiful in that special way that only Asian women can be (the standout is Matinée Kingpoyom), but this might have worked better as a short film. There certainly wasn't enough script even for (just) 78 minutes. * out of 4.

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