The Cage

1975 [FRENCH]

Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 298

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Lino Ventura as Julien
Ingrid Thulin as Hélène
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jbgeorges 7 / 10

The prisoners

An astonishing face to face looking almost like a theatre play between Lino Ventura and Ingrid Thulin. Trapped in a past that she cannot forget, Hélène sets a trap for her ex-partner Julien and in turn imprisons him in a cage located in the cellar of her apartment. The result is a rather distressing "behind closed doors" and soon we no longer know very well who is the victim and who is the executioner. Is Helen getting mad and how far is she willing to go to get revenge on her ex-lover and keep him always by her side? The two actors play these characters with great talent, and the end of the film is quite surprising.

Reviewed by minecn 7 / 10

so so

The comment below says it's a funny movie with the best french actors of that time. It's not a funny movie, it's a psychological drama. And there are almost only two actors, the other roles being very minor. Lino Ventura was Italian, Ingrid Thulin was Swedish. I suspect Brett 58 did not see the movie. Anyway... A property developer goes to his ex-wife's house. When he's in the house, he falls in a trap. It's not an accident: his ex wife wants to keep him in her basement, where the camera is most of the time. In their strange situation, we learn about their failed relationship in some kind of psychological duel. An interesting movie about the relations in a couple. It's not my type of movie at all (because well, almost nothing happens) but I still gave it 7/10.

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