The Card Counter


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1511

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Oscar Isaac as William Tell
Joel Michaely as Ronnie
Billy Slaughter as Lackey #1
John Ceallach as PSYOPS Soldier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nathanwilliams-42233 5 / 10

Worth a watch, not much more

Whilst the final act is engaging, the journey to get there is slow, at times to the point of tedium. The story takes us from casino to casino, never truly giving a sense of where we'll end up, not really giving us a reason to care.

The dialogue has moments of humanity, but more often than not it felt heavy-handed, as if the film was written by a first-year film student attempting to prove their genius to their peers. Isaac's performance is good, given his main direction was probably along the lines of "don't give away your emotions, but remember that your past hurts." Sheridan is given very little to work with in terms of bringing his character to life, although one scene in particular allows his character a moment of relatability. Haddish brought the most lively performance of the main cast, but her characterization is probably the weakest. Defoe isn't on the screen long enough that his performance would pull the film one way or another.

I'm firmly on the fence about the visual style of the film. There are times where the angles used in conversation highlight the fact that you're hearing dialogue written for a movie, and not experiencing a conversation between people. Additionally, there are many shots that linger for what feels like an eternity, without the emotional weight or stunning beauty that usually demands that kind of visual style, leaving you wondering when the film will be allowed to resume. This includes some of the transitions between scenes.

Finally, the audio in this film has some strange moments, including phasing between mics, varying levels in the dialogue within a scene (if often sounds like switching between two mic positions or different takes), or ADR that doesn't quite match what you're seeing on the screen.

All told, The Card Counter sets out to tell a story of redemption and reckoning with your past. It manages to do so, but isn't particularly compelling along the way.

Reviewed by snu-12517 4 / 10

A movie that felt like it should have been an episode in a limited streaming series

A film that was teased in the trailer about being about cards and revenge, but has very little to do with either when it comes to the story.

The performances by Oscar Isaac, Tye Sheridan, and even Tiffany Haddish where fine. However, the themes of poker, card counting, and gambling have very little relevance to the main story. Which is disappointing because the film shows the best explanation for card counting in blackjack, bluffing in poker, and gambling in general that would make it easy for the casual non-gambler to understand.

Oscar Isaac's character William Tell is a compelling character that is trying to make amends for his past indiscretions and throughout the movie you see flashbacks that slowly reveal the person he was and is now. But in a movie called The Card Counter none of this matters. The casual movie goer would think this is a movie about cards. You could have scrapped all the scenes involving gambling and focused on William Tell's character and more importantly called it something else.

The mistake is they decided to make this a 2 hr movie. They should have made it an episode in a limited streaming series.

Reviewed by blanbrn 6 / 10

Dark character study of doomed soul who's tortured past seems to follow him.

Director Paul Schrader seems to use a little bit of "Taxi Driver" as an influence with his latest dark character study drama film "The Card Counter". The story follows William(in a good performance from Oscar Isaac) as an ex military interrogator who after his prison release puts one of his learned skills and vices to good use. That happens to be he now travels as a poker and card player competing in world series games all around the country. However his life is still haunted by past memories and his old military boss Gordo(the great Willem Dafoe) plays a part and a connection and a return to a downfall is meant for William. Along the way William has a sidekick and partner in La Linda(the sexy Tiffany Haddish and I loved the scene in which she sports that sexy black bra in bed with Oscar!) a sexy and professional street smart gal who provided some sexy eye candy scenes, and she even bonded and gets intimate between the sheets with William as she guides his winning table ways. Overall film is nothing great still it entertains with drama as one is trying to escape a dark past still it shows life is all about luck and a gamble even when love and doom is both present.

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