The Cat in the Bag

1964 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 7.5 10 422

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonathan-577 9 / 10

The State meets New Wave

This NFB production, transformed mid-project into a 35mm feature by director Groulx, must have been a traumatic viewing experience to Quebeckers accustomed to decades of church-sponsored morality plays. It is the first Canadian film to have absorbed the stylistic and thematic tics of the French New Wave. It's radical-boy-and-liberal-girlfriend just like Godard, only this one takes the side of the girl, which is nice. While there are some impressive rhetorical flourishes, this is a study in rebellion, not a rebellion in itself - which is what happens when you ask a government agency to produce a French New Wave film. Anyway, the boy goes to live in the country and sulk while reading newspapers, while the girl stays in town and gets fed up with him. So in other words, it resonated! I don't care if it fails to present any empowering solution to the guy's nihilist radicalism. I loved this film, it's beautiful.

Reviewed by credmond 9 / 10

A key film for Quebec cinema

Some might find the didactic poetry form of "Le Chat dans le sac" hard to watch, but for me it provided a very personal perspective into the mind set of the socially conscious youth of the time. As Quebec was coming out of the Quiet revolution, a new wave of thought was emerging for stronger independence and a growing sense of Quebec as a nation was forming. This obviously lead to huge changes in Canadian politics, and so the film is very interesting to study some 40 years later.

Stylistically, it lends itself to the ever Canadian style of documentary, and with good reason. It was conceived within the French studio of the NFB, but later converted to a feature fiction. At the exact same time, the English NFB came out with "Nobody Waved Goodbye" which was ironically conceived the same way, converted the same way, and deals with many parallel issues but through the eyes of a discontent teen in the Toronto area.

It might be hard to find, but worth the effort!

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