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Reviewed by ethSin 7 / 10

An Exciting B-Movie

The previous user review is a joke, because this movie is not even close to being a Japanese blockbuster film in the same league as "Death Note" series. In fact, this movie's budget is probably lower than Fujiwara Tatsuya's salary alone for the 2 installments of "Death Note" films.

Now, I thought this movie had a very interesting story where people named "Satou" were dying mysteriously in Japan. As it turns out, they were dying in a parallel world where a game of tag was played throughout Japan, people with surname of "Satou" are trying to escape from 'Monsters'. (In Japanese, the game of tag is literally called 'demon/monster game') Those caught are supposed to be executed later, and those trying to resist after being caught are killed on the spot.

The movie had a great pace, constant action. Although the parallel world and "super-powers" made no sense, the story development was fine, and characters developed very well. The sister Ai's narration near end of the film and the ending were really stupid, but it was to be expected of a B-Movie.

Over all, if you like Battle Royale-type film AND low-budget films, you'll enjoy this. I personally can't ask for more from this movie, except for a higher budget!

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 7 / 10

"No one can catch me".

Before Sion Sono's "TAG" (2015), it was "THE CHASING WORLD" in what is a fast-tempo, straight-forward chase sci-fi thriller compared to the surreal horror absurdity of Sono's most recent adaptation of the same novel source. Both might share a similar concept, and shades of "ALICE", but still, are totally different beasts.

Here the story follows teenager, Tsubasa Sata, flung into an alternative universe, ruled by a masked tyrannical emperor, yet this parallel world is linked to his own. There he discovers that anyone with the last name "Sato" is hunted-down in some sort game (known as Death Chase) by hunters dressed in black with electronic smiling masks. Rules do apply, as the siren blares to start it and finish off.

Obviously a low-budget enterprise, as you can see its limitations from its scaled-down approach, a confined journey, but it remains durably suspenseful and dangerous, in spite of the primitive action of constant foot chases, and the odd psychical combat and outrageous death caused by the hunter's lethal weapon of choice; steel wire. It's exhausting, just watching these characters putting in the big ones, as they huff, and puff with sweat rolling off their faces. It's well-shot, suitably paced with a fluid story centered on philosophy and imperial themes, while foreseeable, the mystery of the circumstances interestingly opens up piece by piece. Nothing particularly complicated about it, as it's full of concise exposition and character arches in presenting the rippling consequences of one dimension affecting another. It finishes on an ending that leaves you wondering just how far they can go with the idea... going by its sequels, real far.

"Parrall worlds exist indefinitely".

Reviewed by SyoKennex 6 / 10

Pretty generic but still relatively good

The Chasing World is a survival horror film with a curious and interesting premise. Everyone with the surname Sato is mysteriously dying across Japan. As it continues and spreads with more frequency, high school student Sato Tsubasa fights to keep his sister - Sato Ai - alive.

This was a film that I originally wasn't sure how I felt about it. Originally, I only wanted to watch this for the films really cool poster. I'm easily pleased that way. All I really knew about this what that it is considered one of the iconic Japanese horror series that have shaped the genre - and I'm all for movies and series like that.

I felt pretty excited for this and ended up... really bored. I was let down by a Shibata Issei film already today, and this one makes the second in a row. This isn't necessarily bad, however. Whilst I didn't enjoy this as much as I wanted to, it's still getting a pretty solid 6/10 from me.

Whilst this is pretty fun, has a good sountrack and is a solid movie - it's a lot like any other parallel universe films out there. I watch this and I think of other parallel universe films I haven't even seen and ones I have. I'm also reminded of Battle Royale come the ending, and I feel like there isn't enough uniqueness in this film to fully hold on its own - how this film has a 7 part series, honestly I'm not sure - but it doesn't make me excited to watch the whole series.

A pretty average film that took me by surprise how average it was.. that's all I really have to say about The Chasing World. There's nothing particularly special to take into account, nothing that really shocked me, etc. It's a good film, but I feel the Sion Sono make of this film is probably going to be a much better take.

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