The Christmas Cottage


Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 1849

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Mark Brandon as Developer #1
Brittney Wilson as Ava Callaghan
Victor Zinck Jr. as Roger Whistler
Steve Lund as Ean Callaghan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

Everlasting love at Christmas

It was not as if 'The Christmas Cottage' didn't have any potential from the get go or doomed for failure before it even began. It did sound as if it wasn't any different from the usual festive Hallmark formula, albeit with a few tweaks, but it also sounded like a charming and pleasant way, without being much special but never offending, of spending 90 minutes or so. Besides, not every festive Hallmark film is bad, some of them are surprisingly decent.

'The Christmas Cottage' was a case of being neither among the best or worst of them. Somewhere in between more like. It fits the distinction of being a likeable enough diversion that didn't irritate me, but it did contain some major flaws and was nothing special at the end of the day. If asked as to whether it is worth a look, my answer would be a small yes but it is a long way from a must see and more a one-time watch to be seen for festive Hallmark completest sake.

Beginning with the good, 'The Christmas Cottage' looks nice enough. Liked the scenery particularly, which was suitably idyllic. Music in film, television etc. is very important for me to talk about, being a musician, and it has some well chosen tracks and fits nicely. Not over the top or used too much, both of which can be annoyances, while the scoring doesn't come over as too syrupy even if at the end of the day it doesn't stick in the brain for long.

Writing-wise, 'The Christmas Cottage' has its moments. It flows more than other Hallmark Christmas films and doesn't take itself too seriously or too much like a joke. Likewise with the story, which does show signs of a warm heart and charm and is not hard to follow at least. Some sweet enough moments in the romantic chemistry. Merritt Patterson and Britney Wilson are appealing and the supporting cast support them competently.

On the other hand, was less impressed by Steve Lund. He never disappeared into his generically written character and looks quite bored. The romantic chemistry has its moments, though more for Patterson and Wilson, but would have been far more convincing if Lund's performance was much stronger and if it was more plausible as to what they see in him. The direction isn't amateurish but can be a bit by the numbers.

Furthermore, too much of the dialogue is cheesy and lays it on too thick with the schmaltz. The story, even for formula Hallmark, was contrived and in serious need of more creativity, because there is the running out ideas and recycling feel which is quite lazy if you ask me. Something that was more obvious in the pace, which did lack energy at times.

Concluding, not bad but a long way from great. 6/10

Reviewed by JoBloTheMovieCritic 6 / 10

The Christmas Cottage

6/10 - pretty average Hallmark holiday movie that didn't really draw me in

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

A Bit Too Many Platitudes

First, to put this in perspective, know that Merritt Patterson is one of my new favorite Hallmark stars. But this movie did not contribute positively to that viewpoint. I thought she was flat and the chemistry with Steve Lund was meager. Certainly, the character she was playing didn't help. But the idea is supposed to be that her character changes due to love. But other than her soul searching and the conclusions she reaches as a result, that change in character was missing in action.

The story was equally flat. There was very little tension other than the rivalry between old and new boyfriend, and Roger was a dud from the start.

Side note as to production values: with Hallmark, I frequently note some questionable make-up moments. In this one there was one that stood out for me. During the reception, Lacey goes from an almost subtle lipstick, to bright red, and back to the more subtle, all without scene change. I don't know for sure if it was makeup or lighting angles, but the result was notable.

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