The Christmas House


Drama / Romance

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Mapuana Makia as Executive 1
Brad Harder as Jake
Ana Ayora as Andi Cruz
Chris Gauthier as Marvelous Jim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JoBloTheMovieCritic 6 / 10

The Christmas House

6/10 - Hallmark's groundbreaking step to include a gay couple as part of the main storyline quite frankly deserved a better plot line altogether

Reviewed by Jackbv123 5 / 10

Selling the house

Yet another movie of grown up kids coming home to find mom and dad are selling the house. The single male, Mike, reacquaints himself with his female friend from high school, Andi - it seemed they were sweethearts but maybe not quite. And she is a single mom. Mike has potentially lost his job but is hoping for news that will take him back to far away LA. The movie centers around preparing the house for private family version of a Christmas festival. Something isn't right with mom and dad. All of these are common plot lines, although usually not put together quite this way.

There are a lot of memory moments. There are themes about family and close friends. The climax is totally predictable. Unfortunately there are no great highs or lows or surprises. There are four tension points, but all of them are mild tension like selling the house.

When the story isn't sparkling, I look to the people and relationships. There's a story about tension between mom and dad. There's a story about the two married men adopting. And there's the story about Andi and Mike. The first two didn't excite me and I am usually drawn to the romance story which would be Andi and Mike. Unfortunately Ana Ayora and Robert Buckley had almost no chemistry. In fact, Ayora's character, Andi, had very little personality. Their backstory had potential. There was a critical moment in their teen years shown once from each of their perspectives. This was probably the liveliest part of their story and don't blink or you will miss the point.

Early in the movie I started noticing wardrobe and obstacles around Ayora, so I paid attention all the way through. She almost always had an overcoat or a jacket or her knees or something in front of her. One scene with a slinky dress could easily have been a double because she was turned away and distant for most of it . You know what this usually means. I haven't been able to find any news about Ayora and her social media pages have few recent posts. So maybe, maybe not.

There was a lot of Twitter activity about "the kiss" when the movie premiered. Likewise, there have been some reviews here focused mainly on that issue.

Reviewed by adamjohns-42575 5 / 10

I refuse to believe that Robert Buckley could ever be single for any long period of time.

Wow! I must have built this one up in my mind too much, because, boy, was I disappointed.

There were too many stories going on at once and not enough focus given to each one to understand how the feelings and situations developed.

I could see that perhaps, after a while, Andi might be a nice enough person, but based on the information I had, I didn't think that she was worth Michael's (Robert Buckley the hottie) attention and her kid was not endearing at all, he was a complete dweeb. Whoever wrote this obviously thought that doing Magic was cool, but I don't think it is.

It was also a shame that the gay couples adoption of a child was hardly mentioned as that could have been a perfect plot for one of these films all by itself and they were a cute couple. I liked the fact that no fuss was made about them being gay though.

The Mother and Father's relationship was far too quickly "solved" and I actually couldn't see what the hell Treat Williams saw in the bitter and twisted witch.

Also the house decorating thing was just weird, surely that's way too much, even for my cousins across the Atlantic?

I believe that if they had explored even just two of these stories, instead of three or four, that they could have been a lot more successful. I suppose that I was spoiled when I watched 'The Christmas Setup (to 2020)' which actually gave a decent representation of an LGBT Christmas romance for the first time and hoped to see something else with more depth to the characters that represent me.

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