The Classified File

2015 [KOREAN]

Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 757

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Hae-jin Yoo as Joong-san
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by streamfan 9 / 10

Once again... Korean film makers blow me away

I will just say this.. Korea makes the best movies by far than any other country, especially there drama's and crime films. This movie takes you through so many turns and is so beautifully thought out that its just amazing it didn't receive more attention abroad.So much detail and focus on each and every character you wiggle in your seat trying to help but know you cant! I love these kind of films where every character is carefully considered and its just not one main character stacked on top of everyone's work.It gently drives your mind crazy throughout while breaking your heart in parts only to build your interest in there investigation. I will watch this movie again and again excited to share with family as well. I truly wish American film makers would set aside the comic books and get back to making REAL movies like this one!

Reviewed by subratjain1 7 / 10

A very decent and enjoyable thriller

I found this movie on IMDb while searching for something good to watch. The Koreans have always managed to make good serial killers/kidnapper movies featuring a washed out and hardened detective frequently and this movie is no expectation.

The story starts when Eun-ju a, little girl is kidnapped from her school. Her mother visits Kim, an astrologer, who is not so well known by now. As per his calculation only a man born in a certain year and month can solve the case. Gong a hardened and honest to the core cop is then roped in by the rich parents and his fate collides with the the little girl and astrologer. They embark on a quest to find the kidnapper and get the girl back home safety against all the odds and their department which believes that the child has already been killed.

If you look at the story it wouldn't seem that interesting and different, and i agree. What sets it apart is the acting and the way the plot unfolds. The pacing of the film is brilliant and though it is not an action thriller that will keep you on the edge your seat it manages to hold you attention through out the duration. The kidnapper is not shown to be a super human and their aren't a lot of fighting sequences. But the even fewer and smaller action sequences have been done in a gritty and realistic way.

The only sore point for me was the inclusion of an astrologer and showing that his predictions were somewhat accurate. But i ignored it as this is supposed to be true story and some of it must have been based on real facts. Although i couldn't find any concrete material about the kidnapping when i goggled it.

That being said this is a very enjoyable film nonetheless and every korean thriller junkie should give it a go.

Reviewed by heniekb 8 / 10

Two great Korean actors

I'm not a big fan of Yoon-Seok Kim and to my surprise he is very good here. I think sometimes is characters are too washed up so you stop caring for them. Sometimes it makes a perfect sense like in 'Hwayi: A Monster Boy' but sometimes like in 'Sea Fog' you just get irritated. Here the balance is right and I really enjoyed watching him. On the other hand Hae-jin Yoo is as good as it gets. I have a great sentiment to this actor who is like a good wine.

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