The Coverup


Crime / Drama / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by winstonfg 2 / 10

Dreary and biased

This is the first time I've been the first person to write a review, which is surprising, considering this film has been out for 5 years ... But then again, perhaps not, because there really isn't much to enthuse about.

Perhaps it comes from having a screenplay basically written by the main protagonist, but there's absolutely no attempt to explain the reasons for the decisions that went against our "hero" - and I believe there were several - they're simply dismissed as arbitrary and possibly corrupt. And the courtroom scenes have to rank as some of the dullest and most unedifying I've ever seen in a film which is essentially about a court case.

To be honest, the most interesting sequence is the first 5 minutes (the videotape of the interrogation), but after that things start to go downhill quickly. There's no tension, and no attempt to explain anyone's motives; and the movie meanders its way slowly to the courtroom where, after more tedium, the jury return a verdict that frankly feels like it comes out of nowhere. On the basis of this outing, I'm not sure I'd trust Gabriel Mann to argue the case for the Pope being Catholic.

About the only actors who show any spark are John Savage and Lee Garlington, as the parents of Kevin Thacker. Sadly, they're not on screen long enough to give this movie any impetus, and the whole thing fizzles out like a damp squib.

Lesson for the future chaps: ponderous dialogue and trite platitudes about justice and the misuse of power do NOT a courtroom drama make.

Reviewed by rhefner2002 3 / 10

Good story, poor execution

The true story of the 1983 Thacker case could have made a great film, but this one suffers from mediocre acting, poor dialogue, a hurried plot with zero nuance, and indifferent direction. The result is an almost total lack of motivation for the audience. It's pretty much on the level of a bad TV movie.

I can't help but mention that Colby French, as the bad cop, wears the worst hairpiece in the history of cinema. Perhaps the cop in the real life story had a bad hairpiece.....?

It's altogether too bad, because this crime was an outrage perpetrated by corrupt cops, and a good screenwriter and director could have made this story dramatic and compelling. Instead, it's sleep inducing.

Reviewed by rebeccagrier 7 / 10


I am so glad that I did not listen to the nay-sayers. This was a fact based film about police abuse of power. Personally I am a supporter of the boys in blue. However we all know about facts being tainted by higher ups who want to win to advance careers. I don't trust prosecutors who encourage planted evidence and evidence hidden to advance their personal careers , regardless of what is right Look at Steven Avery. Set up in every way maybe to avoid a hugh payout and maybe vengeance after such a long time. This film however true, seeks to show that power, can indeed be corrupted. It may or may not be factual but it shows that we must all be vigilant.

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