The Craft: Legacy


Drama / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 4489

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mdbourke-282-899973 1 / 10

Zoe Lister-Jones...How Dare You!!!

When will female directors learn that it is not their responsibility to 'educate' us mere mortals. Andrew Fleming made a fantastic feminist movie in 1996, which to this day, still stands tall. This, like the appalling Black Christmas remake and let's not forget the god-awful April Fools Day remake, is an immature first-time directors attempt to make a feminist art piece, highlighting toxic masculinity and hitting all the PC buzzwords. On one hand it wad good to see the LGBTQI community represented, on the other hand, how cliched and insulting. It is the role of parents and schools to educate children on equality and other issues that face everyone, not an uppity director who cannot a. write a cohesive movie and b. direct it competently. Zoe Lister-Jones should be ashamed of herself for making a movie that is in her own words, a reflection of her own childhood that does not entertain on tell a complete story WHATSOEVER.

As for BLUMHOUSE. On one hand I am happy there is a group of people making genre movies, and love them or hate them, they have had some pretty mixed results, when they shine, the really shine. On the other hand, they need to be a little more selective with their projects, this movie is ASYLUM level terrible, and not even in the ironic sense. Zoe Lister-Jones and Sony, hang your collective heads in shame

Reviewed by rconnolly-17896 1 / 10

I bind this movie from doing harm...

For a movie about witches there was absolutely no magic.

Let's write a movie based entirely off Instagram filters.

Scenes that went nowhere and had nothing to do with the story. Useless characters. Writing was so weak that the other three witches were entirely forgetful.... seriously don't know their names.

RuPauls Drag Race Mini challenges have had better storylines and plots than this.

This is a total embarrassment to the original 90s movie. Change the name and bury it in a landfill.

Reviewed by Sickpuppy365 4 / 10

Good witches battle the Patriarchy

It seems ironic that the original The craft (1996) was directed by a man, and all the main (teenage female) characters and their story was written by another man, and amazingly enough, it was a pretty good movie. Enter 2020 and someone (Actor, writer, director, producer - Zoe Lister-Jones) decided that it would be a good idea to essentially remake the movie, but call it a "sequel" because Fairuza Balk hasn't been able to play a teenage girl in over 25 years, obviously... And while at it, remove the horror element altogether. Next on the agenda is to make sure the movie ticks all the boxes on the "woke" check-list so that every single viewer regardless of gender identity, sexual preference, racial recipe, religious affiliation, etc... Has a safe viewing experience. After all we are not barbarians from the 1990's (no offence to barbarians...) Throw in ample montages of teenage girls being stereotypical teenage girls, you know with the make-up, and selfies, and lusting after teenage boys... And then make sure that the bad guys are actual, well... Guys. Mix thoroughly and out pours a movie so diluted and devoid of substance that it would struggle to hold the attention of even the 11 to 15 year old girls that it is obviously made for. That being said, there are notable performances from Cailee Spaeny , Zoey Luna and Nicholas Galitzine... David Duchovny phones in his performance (oh Fox how far you have fallen... Get back on that horse bro) Special effects are ok, camera-work ok, scenery ok, ok, ok... ho hum, what else... I was disappointed the Muslim, Asian, Gender-fluid Velociraptor community was underrepresented in this movie... But I'm sure that will be addressed in the next film in the series.

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