The Crimson Cult


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 1907


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Christopher Lee as Morley
Boris Karloff as Professor Marsh
Michael Gough as Elder
Barbara Steele as Lavinia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rainey Dawn 7 / 10

Great Casting, Eerie Gothic Atmosphere with a Dull Story

The casting is super: Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff, Michael Gough and Barbara Steele!! The atmosphere most of the time eerie & strange but some of it is rather over the top (the parties). It's something about this story that is lacking, rather dry - very drab. For me, this is not one of Tigon's better horror films. It is a watchable film just doesn't have what it takes to really bring me deeply into the story.

It's your basic witch queen and devil worshiping cult type of film - it really needed something to make this film stand out more, I just don't know what. Maybe it was needing a bit more mysterious scenes or more bizarre characters?

I like the film - but it's not a favorite.


Reviewed by manchester_england2004 8 / 10

Tigon's best horror film!

CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTAR is another great British horror that has been all too frequently derided, as though it were a poor film. It's actually very good, with some great nightmarish imagery (for a British horror), great acting and a few interesting twists.

Tigon produced a few horror films back in the day. Among their works are THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORROR, THE BEAST IN THE CELLAR, VIRGIN WITCH, WITCHFINDER GENERAL and THE BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW. It's the last two of these that are the most well-known and considered their best. I beg to differ, though, since I consider CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTAR to be their best film.

The story concerns an antiques dealer called Robert Manning, who goes to a house in the countryside in search of his brother. He's in for a few surprises when he gets there.

This is one of those British horror films with lots of dialogue and seemingly little action. But the script is well put together and the film holds your attention. It helps that the film makes use of the great talents of Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee, two horror legends who don't disappoint. The hardest part of this film was getting Mark Eden, an actor not known for appearing in horror films, to carry it. But he pulls it off very well. Also appearing is the legendary Barbara Steele, who is famous for starring in a number of Italian horror films in the 1960s. She is arguably at her best in this film, though, playing the villainess in the form of a witch named Lavinia Morley.

There is a creepy vibe running through the film much of the time. This is helped in part by the choice of musical cues and the air of mystery surrounding the manor house and its occupants. The nightmare sequences are particularly effective and director Vernon Sewell does a great job in his work generally.

Overall, CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTAR is a very underrated film from a lesser known British film production company. It showed that Tigon at their best could compete with the better known Hammer and Amicus at making horror films.

Reviewed by Smoreni Zmaj 6 / 10

"The Dreams in the Witch House" by H.P. Lovecraft

If I told you about Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and Barbara Steele in same movie you would instantly assume I'm talking about some horror movie from middle of last century and if you hoped to see horror you would be very disappointed. Although it was classified as one this movie does not have H of horror. It is not frightening, has no supernatural elements, it is not suspense, there's no blood or sudden scare scenes. Movie is totally realistic and music and effects are more appropriate for some alien SF than for horror, which this movie is not anyway. This is mediocre thriller that has pretty scenography and slightly spooky atmosphere, few resonant names and absolutely nothing more than that. I'm not sorry for spending 90 minutes on it, but I definitely do not recommend it.

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