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Reviewed by ebossert 8 / 10

Deliciously entertaining, despite its incompetence

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Wow. A film like this comes along only once in a blue moon. You know what I'm talking about. A film so stupid, yet so deliciously entertaining at the very same time. There's a certain charm and creativity present.

The Crone (2013) (Japanese Horror) – Three amateur pop singers are cursed by an old crone (with a white afro) who can move at super fast speeds! This is one of those B-grade "spooky stupid" horror films that somehow creates entertaining moments even when it fails miserably at scaring the viewer. Kinda hard to explain, but this is an absolute riot if you're in the right mood. (I was in gut-wrenching laughter!) Storytelling is thin, so the film moves very quickly and basically consists of horror sequences and little else. The good thing is that there are only a few jump scares, so there is some genuine creativity on display. This is a winner, despite its own incompetence. Alcohol consumption will help greatly. Don't watch the trailer because it will spoil some of the surprises.

I can't even think of a rating right now. In terms of overall quality, it's like a 3/10. But in terms of entertainment value, it's more like a 7/10 . . . at least. Screw it. I'm rounding up to 8/10.

Reviewed by morrigan1982 6 / 10

Kôsoku bâba (2013)

A crew wants to film inside an abandoned hospital which is supposed to be haunted. And yes I will tell you this it is haunted! It wouldn't be a horror movie if it wasn't! You have girl revelry, back stubbing and a lot of disgusting things going round which makes this movie worth seeing!

The disappointing part is that I thought it would continue from Karuto which it didn't, but I'll survive it! I didn't like it that much after all.

It is not great but it is good. Time passes; it is small which helps you have fun with it. Not great make up job with the crone though, she seems too fake. The story it's really crazy and fun. You have some question marks over your head during the movie and in the end. But give it some thought; after all good J-horror movies need some contemplation in the end! With some of them you still wonder what the **** happened, but that why they are so entertaining!

So sit back, dim the lights, don't eat anything and push the play button. Enjoy!

Reviewed by gothic-fiction 4 / 10

Looks cheap. Acts dumb!

This one is a crossover between "White: The Melody of the Curse" and "The grudge: Old lady in white", borrowing many elements from both movies, a tad bit more from the second one.

Is it an effective Asian horror? Well, it has its moments, but overall, The Crone is a stupid movie. So many dumb scenes - eventually you lose interest. I had to find my inner strength, keep going and going, discover another long ending...and one that sucked too! It's not something I would recommend, there are plenty of other good movies out there, you just need to know where to look I guess. So find someone who is familiar with the Asian Horror cinema, ask for a pointer, and enjoy something different. The Crone, believe it or not, will only be remembered for its dumb moments.

Quite a shame, had some potential sure, but decided to act stupid and quite disgusting at times. If you do decide to adventure and take this one for a ride, please return with a post, get the facts straight. Others will need your feedback, as a warning is needed here, indeed.


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