The Crossing


Family / War

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 372

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Reviewed by chong_an 7 / 10

Decent children's adventure

December 1942 Norway. After their parents are arrested for possibly hiding Jews, the children find two children hiding in the basement. 10-year-old Greta insists on helping them get to safety in Sweden, whereas her older brother Otto, a proto-Nazi, only goes along to protect her. Most of the ensuing action involves the four (at one point five) children, with different adults being either helpful or dangerous.

This is a good children's adventure, where there are real consequence. The scenery is nice, and the children play their parts reasonably well. There are a couple of plot points I am not too keen on, which is why only gave it a rating of 7.

Reviewed by nouyrigatantoine 7 / 10

darkside of norway during World War 2

Nice film on the dark side of Norway during the second world war, in which we follow 4 children trying to reach Sweden and escape the Nazis. Despite the harsh subject, the film remains light.

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