The Cup

1999 [TIBETAN]

Comedy / Sport

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 3074


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by smakawhat 8 / 10

Pure enjoyable fun

Being that two of my many passions in life are soccer and movies I was very interested in seeing this film.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed it. Sometimes a little slow but more than makes up for it. Besides having some VERY funny moments and wonderful characters (that kid was just a scream) the movie really de-mystefies the budhist monks that Westerners seem to sterotype as extremely devoted and mystical.

In reality they are just like us. They have their passions, and joke about everything just like everyone else. They are shown in this film for what the truly are, 'human'. Sure the movie shows the practices which is interesting to see, but it then shows scenes of the devotees, talking about girls, fascinated by the outside world (soccer), not practing their studies, being lazy, and acting just like everyday people.

Great fun film.

Rating 8 out of 10

PS - Yes I'd try my darndest too to not miss the World Cup final.

Reviewed by Ivna 8 / 10

simple great..

i just finished watching this show on DVD. Generally a simple story with predictable plot. I always thought this movie is about some young monks trying hard to play football in their secular life. But, it turned out to be a world cup which changed the lives of these monks. More importantly, the show allows the public to see the hidden side of these monks. They can be playful and lazy. They are even capable of playing pranks and cracking good jokes. Orgyen is certainly a notable character in the show. A strong personality who display no religious qualities in the earlier parts of the film. i like him more and more as the show progressed. The film ties strongly to Buddhist teachings and gives you a new perspective to life and Buddhism. Expect to be exposed to some Tibetan culture and football.

Reviewed by johnfos 10 / 10

Soccer and Spirituality

This film is an authentic look at the situation that many young Tibetan men and boys find themselves in following the Chinese occupation of Tibet. But the film doesn't dwell on Tibetan politics, it is a light-hearted and elegantly-simple film inspired by true events at a Tibetan monastery-in-exile in Bhutan, where young Buddhist monks develop an interest in the World Cup soccer final.

The Abbot of the monastery and the older Lamas just have no idea what soccer is, and there is a humorous scene where the old Lama is sleeping in the sun and the young monk Orgyen comes up to him:

Orgyen: "Do a prediction for us Lama"; Old Lama: "Can't you see I'm busy!"; Orgyen: "At least say prayers for France"; Old Lama: "Are they sick?!!?"

And when everyone has seen the World Cup final, the serious Buddhist message comes home, in a beautiful way...

"If a problem can be solved, why be unhappy? And if it cannot, what is the use of being unhappy?"

'The Cup' contrasts strongly with earlier big-budget, stylised, productions about Tibetan Buddhism such as 'Seven Years in Tibet' and 'Kundun'. It is in the same vein as 'Samsara', which is also a very good film.

PS Director Khyentse Norbu (who is said to be a re-incarnate Lama) also has a new movie out -- 'Travellers and Magicians' (2003).

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