The Curse of Humpty Dumpty



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TokyoGyaru 2 / 10

Only got to about an hour because I was busy.

A child caring for their parent (typically a mother) suffering from dementia has been done far better in horror before. This movie makes me think of a film like The Taking of Deborah Logan. Family conflict horror dramas are a popular subgenre right now (e.g., Hereditary), but like any trend, there are highs and lows. This is definitely a low.

I don't mind a slow burn, but there's a slow burn and then there's just tedium. And you know it's real tedium when the film finally gets to the "scary" parts and it's still tedious. The actors and the writing aren't compelling enough to draw me into liking/empathizing with this family. The only one kind of likable is the mother, and that's really because you're sympathetic to those dealing with her medical condition by default. In The Taking of Deborah Logan, the actress was very charming and good-natured and classy when she was herself, and her daughter's laid-back personality coupled with her sincere, heartbreaking concern for her mother kept you engaged in between the scares. This film did not.

This is not a scary movie by any means. Not even close. There is no tension. When the puppet transforms, it's too conventional to be scary. And it's too bland and detached to be touching/bittersweet/heart-breaking in the interim between attacks. The costume design was awful, especially for the scheming sister in law. What in the world were they thinking? I don't even think there was an actual costume designer because the clothes were clearly not tailored.

Anyway, all this movie did was make we want to watch The Taking of Deborah Logan again. If there are any positives, I would say that the puppet looks pretty good (in its normal state), and the actress playing the mom is passable (if not good enough to make what she's going through sad).

Reviewed by Sobertoaster-764-479561 2 / 10

It simply doesn't get much worse than this.

I don't understand the other reviews I legitimately think it's the cast reviewing their own movie, their friends or something, or possibly paid reviews.

I mean it wasn't even "so bad it's good", it was just good old fashion "bad".

Totally boring, unoriginal plot points that we have seen again and again, low budget, and terrible acting.

At one point they were in an antique shop where they first saw the doll. The shop had "Antiques" hung up with what looked like flimsy computer paper printed straight from Microsoft word (to give them points, it may have been laminated) on a back wall above a door that was not even the door leading into the shop, so this clearly wasn't intended for people on the street outside the shop to know what type of shop it was. It also serves no purpose inside the shop, because by the time people are in the shop, they probably know what type of shop it is... This was obviously for the VIEWER to understand what they were doing in this scene, because it wasn't obvious enough due to the terrible quality of the film. This was one the only kind of funny or "so bad it's good" moments in the film, it was more-so just a perfect example as to how awful the film is. When the "police" came over at one point in the film, I kept waiting for the real police to show up as the heavy-set barely out of school looking theatre student walked around with her police uniform, I believe she was the chief... They may as well have grabbed a random homeless person with a beard straight off the street, I doubt the acting would have been much worse either. I had a hard time staying awake until the end, but It was a corny shot of the Dementia mother who was apparently evil and/or a cultist or something, (Sidebar: we find out before the end of the film that in the past she performed some ritual or whatever sacrificing her first born... to the demon... because?... she wanted to have a weird doll demon, instead of a baby? Or everlasting life?.. nope not that.. I don't know. Seemed like there was no point to any of it, and her daughters both ended up dead... because?... No idea, I have no idea what her motivation really was. She just loved demonic dolls more than her whole family I guess?---anyway) It was just some wacky shot where she's sitting around the four dead bodies and singing to them cornily. All the while the actress who plays "Beryl", is clearly breathing while she is dead, extremely noticeably moving her chest which is amplified by the way her hair was laying, so you clearly see her hair kind of move up and down with each breath she is shallowly trying to take in that end scene where she is supposed to be dead.

It's pretty much just endless low budget/quality stuff the entire film like this over and over until the end. Like, if it was just at least more consistent comically bad scenes closer together I wouldn't be so harsh on it and give it points for at least being entertaining because it's bad and funny. It was just so painfully boring on top of it being a low quality film. The "funny" parts were simply not funny enough to justify the watch.

Reviewed by FirstBlood1982 7 / 10

Much more clever than the campy creature feature poster indicates...

Two sisters take their mother who's suffering from dementia back to their old home from before their father/her husband left in hopes of reviving fond memories as she believes that a sinister doll is committing murders around the property.

Ambiguously supernatural/psychological horror with a disturbing look at suppressing trauma and declining mental health that's far more clever and thematically layered than the campy creature feature style cover indicates.

One of the best indie British horror films in recent memory.

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