The Cursed


Fantasy / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 1965

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Kelly Reilly as Isabelle Laurent
Boyd Holbrook as John McBride
Simon Kunz as Mr. Griffin
Alistair Petrie as Seamus Laurent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevin_robbins 10 / 10

This will likely be my favorite movie of 2022 and definitely my favorite horror movie for the year

The Cursed (2021) is a movie my wife and I recently watched in theatres. The storyline follows a group of families in colonial times in the countryside of France. When a band of gypsies show up and show proof that the families are on their land the families take action against the gypsies. In the gypsies last moments they put a curse on the families they don't take seriously until it becomes virtually impossible to step outside of their house without being torn apart. Can the families reverse the curse or will they be doomed by it for eternity?

This movie is written and directed by Sean Ellis (Anthropoid) and stars Boyd Holbrook (Logan), Kelly Reilly (Flight), Alistair Petrie (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Amelia Crouch (The Huntsman) and Max Mackintosh (Rocket Man).

The storyline for this movie, while predictable in some ways, is magnificent. The thought process of starting with War on the French countryside, transitioning to a gypsy border war and then into a magnificent and original werewolf plot was presented to the audience so well. The intensity of the war scenes and gypsy war was brutal and perfectly executed. Even the methodology of the curse was unique and had a great backstory. There were wolf scenes in this are out of this world and this has one of the best and most gruesome transformation scenes in horror movie history. The transformation scene in this alone is worth the price of admission. I loved the special effects for the werewolf. The character evolutions are very good and the ending is perfection.

This will likely be my favorite movie of 2022 and definitely my favorite horror movie for the year. I would score this a 9.5/10 and strongly recommend it.

Reviewed by stevendbeard 6 / 10

Albino Hairless Werewolves

I saw The Cursed, starring Boyd Holbrook-The Predator_2018, Logan; Alistair Petrie-Hellboy_2019, Rogue One:A Star Wars Story; Kelly Reilly-Yellowstone_tv, the Sherlock Holmes movie_the Robert Downey Jr ones and Max Mackintosh-Rocketman_this is his second movie.

This is a weird one. It's basically an Albino werewolf movie, and they are all hairless. They kind of look like those weird looking hairless white cats on steroids. In the late 1800's, Alistair-a wealthy land baron-has some gypsies squatting on his property, claiming that they own the land. They do, but Alistair doesn't care and gets some of his buddies together and massacres them. But before they are all killed, one of the gypsies puts a curse on Alistair and his fellow conspirators with some silver teeth-remember, I said it was weird. Everyone starts having the same bad dreams-about scary things that go bump in the night-and people start dying from a roving creature. Kelly is Alistair's wife and Max is his son. When Max disappears-presumably killed by the animal-Boyd, a traveling pathologist, shows up and offers to help find the creature that is responsible but Boyd also has some personal reasons for showing up. It seems his family suffered similar events-with werewolves-and wants to know if they are connected. FYI: for those who may not know, or have forgotten, a pathologist examines bodies and body tissues. This is not one for the little kiddies-people's hands and feet are brutally hacked off and there is some nudity-and it is a little slow in parts. But if you are looking for something a little different....

It's rated R for violence, grisly images and some brief nudity and has a running time of 1 hour & 53 minutes.

It's not one that I would buy on DVD but it would be alright, as a rental.

Reviewed by tadpole-596-918256 8 / 10

This film documents why France is considered . . .

. . . the World's septic tank. Though the events of THE CURSED may strike uninformed viewers as extreme, implausible and "over-the-top," they actually pale in comparison to the Real Life French conflagration. France is blamed for instigating both World Wars, because it is such a defenseless "attractive nuisance." After burning Saint Joan, these irredeemable miscreants beheaded an entire nunnery for good measure. THE CURSED also saw the planet's most famous religious edifice go up in smoke recently. This failed nation's most famous invention lops off noggins, starting with their "royal family." That's why no one in the know asks for "the royal treatment" if they're crazy enough to visit Gaul. Typical Frenchmen were cast to play the numerous "dragons" featured in this flick, to save on the make-up budget. If the Garden of Eden is in the Middle East, THE CURSED illustrates where there's a Hell on Earth.

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