The Dark Divide


Adventure / Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 158

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David Cross as Robert Pyle
Debra Messing as Thea Pyle
David Koechner as Shayne
Gary Farmer as Densmore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gdalesmith 4 / 10

An old guy version of 'Into the Wild'

Environmentalists will love it. The panoramas are terrific, and the (Spotted?) owl scene is unforgettable. A supporting cast, such as the convenience store clerk and logging crew's boss, did a fine job adding substance to what was essentially a one man show.

That one man is this movie's problem. The actor portrayed Bob Pyle as a combination absent-minded professor and Deputy Barney Fife, taking every opportunity to go naked or at least strip down to his skivvy shorts. Add to that an almost perpetual half-snarl, half-befuddled expression, and the result is a lead character who is really hard to worry about. In fact, during the last 30 or 40 minutes I was rooting for Bigfoot or the bears.

Another problem was the director's choices for employing flashbacks. Several scenes involved quiet hours in the morning, evening, or night, and would have been perfect for flashbacks to Pyle with his wife. But Putnam's timing for employing them ruined the story's momentum, which was already a struggle to maintain given the premise of a butterfly collector wandering along forest trails.

Two stars for the supporting cast, one for nifty scenic shots (many of which were captured in Oregon's Mount Hood area rather than southern Washington), and one for that surprise in the end.

Reviewed by patrickflorio 9 / 10

Don't forget

We do forget we are hosted by a wonderful planet that has no shame in showing it's raw power. We think we can do what ever we want without consequence but nature has it's vengeance. We can behold and be amazed by it's beauty if we just slow down and appreciate every little detail. I thank David Cross for this production that is wonderful to feel without strange and mind bending messages it is true like it should be and easy to relate to. Let us respect our EARTH, she is our wonderful mother.

Reviewed by friesjeler 9 / 10

A great movie

Makes you want to just go into the wild :-). A heartfelt and real story.

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