The Delinquents


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 871

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Rosemary Harris as Isobel
Charlie Schlatter as Brownie
Melissa Jaffer as Aunt Westbury
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by impossiblehim 10 / 10

1950's love story starring a capable Kylie..

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS Back in 1989 Kylie Minogue had only been a pop star for just over a year...although to me she had already been around for years because i idolised her. So it was really exciting for me, as a fan to see a whole film featuring my favourite girl Kylie.

This is a very simple story of forbidden love in a world where no one seems to care, our 2 lovebirds encounter many obstacles in their pursuit to simply 'be together' and it is that that gives the film it's most romantic elements. Along the way we see the lovebirds mature and change as characters and watch how they unravel whenever they are kept apart. Both come from broken homes and seem lost and in search of love making the viewer root for them and hope for a happy ending. ...some would call the film long-winded and a bit boring but if you want to watch a film without all the twists and turns and silly Hollywood glitz then check it out. This is a film that tries it's best to create a real love story and for that i think it deserves a bit of praise....and Kylie really puts her heart and soul into bringing Lola to life and i think she pulls it off extremely well and at times she nails it to perfection. A fine effort all round.

Reviewed by beck-b-1 9 / 10

Loved it!

Loved this movie,was only 16,had just met and fallen in love with my husband to be,so a real memorable movie for me,really captured what its like to be a teenager in love,when the world seems against you and teenagers really do know whats best for them sometimes and adults can get it so wrong.The anger, frustration and despair of Lola was portrayed so well by Kylie,the music was great ,the actors were great,i loved the scene when they were all dancing and Lola holds the baby ,so the mom can have a proper dance,and when she tells the women who's house shes been sent to live in what she thinks of her after she finds shes hidden Brownies letters,is just amazing.

Reviewed by markrobertpetty 10 / 10

Kylie Minogue at her best so far.

I remember seeing this movie the day it opened (Boxing Day) 1989, and was completely blown away by Kylie's performance. A TV actress, singer and now bona fide movie star, there seemed to be no stopping her. Of course as we now know there were many movie mistakes to follow. But this still stands as one of her finest efforts and is still an enjoyable piece of escapist moviemaking.

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