The Demons of Ludlow



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Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 5 / 10

Bill Rebane's master-work

I think The Demons of Ludlow may very well be director Bill Rebane's masterpiece. Anyone familiar with Bill's output will be well aware that this is a very relative statement, seeing as this is the man partially responsible for Monster a-Go Go and fully responsible for The Cold. Yep, Rebane well and truly operates in the Z-Grade sphere of the film industry. So all things considered, I was pleasantly surprised with The Demons of Ludlow. Not that it is by any means a good film – it's shoddy – but it has some moments that actually could be described as being effective. And overall it does sort of have a strange charm of sorts.

The story is about a cursed piano that harbours an evil entity that unleashes all manner of nasty events onto the inhabitants of a tiny town called Ludlow. It seems that this is all tied in with nefarious events that occurred hundreds of years ago, and its all part of a deadly revenge…

Like you should expect, production values are basic as hell. But the film does have a sense of place at least; the snowy remote community is fairly believable, while it also manages to incorporate some period costumes and even utilizes some raw but not entirely awful special-effects – so the movie does at least have some ambition. Of course it would be wrong not to acknowledge that The Demons of Ludlow has a fair few flaws too. It's quite haphazardly put together and is verging on being senseless a lot of the time, while the low budget does show in more or less every frame. Pacing, too, isn't always its strong point but it does at least provide a lot of varied events to keep us entertained, many of which seem to involve acts of violence. The best singular scene has to be when the disturbed young girl happens upon the demons at the table in the dining room. This sequence was even verging on actually being quite scary. Although it would be remiss to not add that many of the horror set-pieces are in actual fact pretty hilarious – the little girl ghost lobbing rocks at the old woman's coupon being a very good example.

All-in-all though, this has to be considered a success, seeing as it's a Bill Rebane film. Not for everyone to be fair, but if you don't mind dipping your toes into Z-Grade waters then you might have quite a good time with this.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 2 / 10


On its 200th birthday a town is given a piano as a gift. Unfotunately its haunted by the spirit of sorcerer killed by some of the town's founders.

You've seen it all before and better. Actually you've also seen it shorter on any number of old TV anthology shows. And to be honest the script is not all that bad (even if it is full of plot holes and contradictions). The problem with this film is that anytime the ghosts of the past show up to torment and kill someone this film goes from just okay thriller to jaw droppingly awful. You will not believe how bad the scenes with the ghost are. They are so badly filmed, costumed and played out as to resemble nothing so much as the worst grammar school production of a Thanksgiving pageant that you can imagine. Its really bad.

This is a movie to avoid since its not good in a bad sort of way, its just bad.

Reviewed by radioactive_ape2001 9 / 10 I going to Hell because I like this?

My uncle used to have this copied on a tape with Fear No Evil and I often used to treat myself to a scary double bill back when I was a young 'un (around 12 years old I think I first saw this). I recently managed to pick it up on DVD on the Mill Creek 50 Chilling Classics collection, and while the transfer leaves a lot to be desired it does appear to be uncut and is certainly longer than the versions i'd previously watched. I think there's a very good chance that i'm the only person on this planet that thinks of this film as a minor masterpiece. There are some genuinely frightening scenes in the film (the bizarre multi-coloured hand that kills the teens, that evil laughter, the group of demons that kill Emily, the intrusion of the old woman in her bed) and the gore is certainly no worse than countless slasher films from the same era. The obscurity of this film means that very few people will ever get to see it and judge it fairly. It obviously cannot be compared to classics such as The Exorcist, TCM, Suspiria and The Evil Dead but as far as obscure minor horror pieces go, you could do a lot worse. The idea in itself is a fairly original one, of a bunch of warlocks coming back to life to destroy a town and reclaim Ludlow's severed hands while taking refuge in a giant white piano and coming out every now and again to murder the grandchildren of the people who killed them! I don't think some people (or all the reviewers here) actually comprehend how low budget this film was and when you consider how ambitious it is, you can't help but respect the makers of the film. Acting-wise there is nobody particular of note with barely any of the cast members starring in anything else! They do their jobs admirably and while there's no Oscar winner material from anyone, no-one falters. Just give the film a chance and maybe you'll enjoy the film as much as I do. In fact...i'm gonna watch it again right now!...

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