The Demon's Waltz



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chris-15429 1 / 10

Should have been a short film

The Demon's Waltz is way too long. At nearly two hours, I had to hit fast forward through some of the boring scenes.

I like bad movies and often seek them out but this one is just mediocre. It needs to be edited and shortened as the film isn't interesting enough to warrent such a long runtime.

Reviewed by soulcrisis28 1 / 10

Left After Only Watching the Trailer

Yeah ok so, I have no idea why I'm going to watch this after only watching the trailer I can tell this is not going to be a good movie or experience. Alas, I suffer and leave honest reviews so you don't have to.

Acting, worse than a middle school play, yep not even high-school quality bad. Filming looks like it was shot on a 100 dollar still photo camera that just so happens to be able to record video too. All the actresses, I'm assuming there's only actresses, didn't see one male in the trailer, looks like a reject dance club that decided to make a movie for something different to do. Yeah, you get to suffer through pathetic, choreographed dancing too. Just all around bad. At least some bad movies have attractive bad actors and actresses so you at least get to look at some eye candy while suffering through the movie. Not this one, ugly movie, ugly cast.

I'd say skip it unless you're only other options are foreign films not in English with no CC options. Even then I'd say to succumb to watching this atrocity of a "movie" and just go find something else to do.

P. S. Ok so I'm only 16 mins in and this is so much worse than I expected. How this thing has a almost 2 hour runtime, I don't know if I can make it. So, there's a "PI" she looks like a senior in high school. Most PI's are older, trained ex or retired law enforcement. It's like they're trying to do some Nancy Drew mystery or something. Oh it's just so terrible and not believable what so ever.

Reviewed by kaefab 1 / 10

how can this get a fake 5 rating

Those are the kind of movies that deserve a below 0 score, the acting is ridiculously bad, the way the movie is shot and everything else.

High school grade failed project. Sadly seems everyone can film and put out movies theses days.

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