The Descent: Part 2


Action / Adventure / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Reviewed by Strawberry_Typhoon 5 / 10

A sequel. I should end my review right there.

A sequel. I should end my review right there. But in the interest of taking up useless e-space, I'll continue. For me, The Descent Part 2 had 2 strikes against it before the opening credits rolled. Director Neil Marshall has not stepped back behind the camera to further his already finished story and the sequel is a continuation of the North American ending. Now, if you're one of the special people who were able to see the original a year, or maybe more before the North American release, you'll know that the original ending is superior in every way. It wraps the story up, and fits in with the rest of the film's bleak, hopeless tone. I'm not sure if studios feel that us American's are stupid, or if we just are too fragile to handle a down ending, but whatever the case, our protagonist survives. Found running through the woods, caked in blood, she's rushed to the hospital. Found to remember nothing upon initial questioning, the sheriff leading the search for the other missing girls decides the best course of action is to take this woman-in-shock directly back to the place that caused her the trauma. Somehow, The Descent 2 manages to continue where the first film leaves off, but feel like a complete cash-in at the same time. Some scenarios are lifted directly from the original. In the first film, the overwhelming sense of claustrophobia was treated as a character in the movie. It's one of the reasons the first film was so effective. Seeing those petite women barely making it through the holes in the cave left you feeling uneasy. This is not present in the sequel. In fact, the sheriff is a pretty big guy. I'm not going to say he was fat, but he's definitely built, and he manages to move with ease throughout the corridors. The original actresses return to reprise the roles of Sarah, and Juno, whom is somehow still alive, even though we heard her screaming while she was torn to shreds in the first film. Apparently, in her 2 days of surviving the creatures in the cave, she's become some sort of commando, hunting down and killing the cave's inhabitants. She has a short part, and half of her part is spent completely silent. They try to describe it away by saying something to the extent of "Silence is your best weapon" but it feels tacked on. One of the biggest problems with the sequel is it's pacing. In the original, we weren't even introduced to the creatures until like an hour into the film. The entire first hour was spent on character development, and building suspense. We knew they weren't alone, they knew they weren't alone, but the menacing creatures weren't really introduced until the third act. Here, it's as if the director just wanted to get to the killing as quickly as possible. We don't know anything about most of the characters, and we don't care when they are killed off. In the original, you could tell that all the girls were close friends, and you could tell that when one of them was picked off, it effected the rest of the characters. Another problem I had were with some of the special effects. Don't get me wrong, there is some decent gore in The Descent 2, including one hell of an amputation scene, but there was something wrong with the blood. It's as if the special effects team have never actually seen blood before. When characters are wounded, we're treated with an arterial spray of what appears to be Cambpell's tomato soup, in both color and consistency. All in all though, it's a watchable flick. It's loaded with problems, some forgivable, some not(Random, unexplained twist ending.) But I've seen worse movies, and certainly worse sequels.(Butterfly Effect 2?) But if you enjoyed the creatures in the first film, you'll probably find something to like about the sequel, just don't expect it to be anywhere close to the brilliance of the original, and you'll have fun.

Reviewed by nathanmanson 4 / 10

I hated the ending

I enjoyed the film until the ending that has to be the most frustrating ending to a film I've ever seen. Why I mean why the hell did they feel the need to kill Juno off again, I've just got over the first time she died then you hit me with that crap.

Reviewed by angiris 3 / 10

MORONIC INSULTING GARBAGE. 5.8 out of 10? have people NO expectations?

I revisited the 1st film last night and realized there was a part 2 after enjoying the 1st one.

The Descent ( 1) is an amazing film. Lovely soundtrack with variety, good scenes, plot, likeable characters and believable reactions. Its a dark, creepy horror thriller and very well executed.

Only gripe I have with it is how stupid the one chick is, going to explore an uncharted cave system with a bunch of amateurs. Disaster waiting to happen. Other than that... its very enjoyable.

HOWEVER. Along comes part 2 and not only is it copy and pasting the living hell out of the 1st movie. But its done in such a cliche, retarded way that makes me lose braincells just by thinking about it.

The blonde chick from the 1st movie escapes. Is picked up and traumatized causing her to lose her memory. 2 cops appear, one is a kind officer trying to understand, the other is an old, stubborn, 2 dimensional thinking BUFFOON WHO has 1 god damn facial expression the entire god damn film. He thinks she killed everyone and drags her traumatized mind out of the hospital, back Down into the cave. Entering a region of this uncharted place, removing a barricade of wooden boards, covering a consealed passage and asks her " Do you recognize anything"

I could actually feel my annoyance level rise from 1 to 1000000 by just writing that. THE ROOM WAS WALLED UP. BARRED! HOW THE HELL WAS SHE SUPPOSED TO GET IN THERE IN THE 1st PLACE?

But thats not the worst thing. Ooooooh no. Behold, pure god damn pandemonium of idiocracy when the officer, before venturing Down this cave is told" Dont bring your gun. Firing it is like exploding dynamite. "

But ohh no. Mr, I can't do no wrong, experienced policeman stereotype of course does NOT listen and fires his gun 5 minutes later, causing the god damn cave to collapse......

the plot goes on, they find the bodies of the former girls and more. People die because they have to die, nobody is likeable at all. Its horror tropy. thats it.

Whole Family of 3 rescue workers are killed without much thought put into it.

Although we are given the idea of a relevant subplot happening. Nope. Just meat for the grinder.

Later as they are trying to survive ( 2 girls and 1 officer lost in the dark," They come across Juno. The pro chick from the 1st movie that survived.

Okay. Interesting. Are we gonna get revenge? Sure. In some form. But its quickly forgotten ( and for the better too) The police dude rejoins with Juno and the others and begin working their way out. But although the dumb FOOL of an officer ALREADY ENCOUNTERED THE VAMPIRE MONSTERS.... he still somehow... thinks that the blonde chick is to blame for the murders.

And decides to handcuff her.... as they are trying to survive this HORDE of monsters chasing the.

If you are not face palming, wanting to strange this moron... you should be. Lord knows I am. By GOD is it annoying to Watch.

he eventually dies because he loses tumbles off the edge of a small crossing. Which could've ALSO been avoided because the blonde chick told him " Its unstable. We better go 1 by 1"

Nope. Ofc not. He must be that strong, can't do no wrong, I'm always right, baddy policeman" And that gets him killed... when he falls and Juno tells the other chick " His partner" to cut off his hand using a pickaxe because he was pulling them all Down as they held on to the blonde girl.

She proceeds to do so. They venture on. Juno dies, the blonde chick commits suicide trying to save the police chick and she escapes... only to get SLAMMED IN THE FACE BY A SHOVEL... from some redneck dude that feeds his vampire buddies....for reasons never remotely explained.

The End. Jumpscare. What a PILE OF INSULTING GARBAGE. A movie for stupid people with zero expectations.

Rating this anywhere above 5 is a crime to the most basic of movie making. God damn. I got angry watching this because the 1st film is so fantastic. THEY EVEN RECYCLED THE SAME MUSIC OVER AND OVER:

Literally... this film has 2 music tracks. One aggressively phased one during fights. and then... the sorrow packed one from the 1st film that plays over...and over...and over...and over till you pull your god damn hair out.

5.8 out of 10 ? Haha. Yeah sure.... just like The Last Jedi or Justice League deserves a 10 out of 10.

Give me a break. 3 out of 10. Offers NOTHING new. Rips off existing content, destroys characters and replaces them with stupid dislikable ones. Ignores subplots. Emphasis on purely gore and stereotypes.

And worst of all... is the generic, typical cliché where you include the evil red neck .... which is just so chainsaw massacre, Wrong Turn alike... MEH.

Seriously. The vampires were mysterious in the 1st film. Along comes the 2nd one and we got some backwater hick feeding them... ultimately RUINING them. Making them out of mindless dumb animals rather than semi- intelligent, evil vampires.

God damn. What a total trainwreck of a movie. I will forget this exists and enjoy the 1st one. This HAS NO BUSINESS EXISTING. AT ALL:

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