The Devastator


Action / War

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Reviewed by kclipper 6 / 10

This is 80's "Warsploitation" at its cheesiest

If you are reading this review, then that means you either found "The Devastator" in someone's old VHS collection still in the giant plastic collectible rental box (faded sticker that still says: "Be Kind, Rewind"), or you remember seeing it back in the 80's when action-adventure cheese was in it's prime and you want to reminisce. Either way, this lost action misfire never saw the light of day for all the same reasons that many other low-grade rip-offs of Missing In Action, Rambo First Blood II, and Southern Comfort never did. But there was something peculiarly fun about the stereotypical macho war-buddy mentality that found its way into thousands of video rental shelves in the 1980s.. This one ended up in the grocery store VHS rental section or even the local seven/eleven, and it fits prominently into a category I like to refer to as "Warsploitation". This has every characteristic of the typical 80s cheesy warsploitation flick; The bad acting, forced profanity, macho lame one-liners, guns, explosives, crazed Vietnam vets, drugs, nudity, and starring names like Richard Hill.

The story isn't much to get into. War buddies get together to avenge the death of a fallen comrade, and along the way stop a greedy tyrant that is controlling a small Northern California town by the marijuana farming industry. The bullets and bodies fly (as well as the bad voice overdubs), so fans of mindless violence will be pleased. Don't expect much on the special effects side, since a budget is almost non-existent here, except that which went towards destruction.. Highlights include: The antics of a poorly portrayed maniac named Ox, who burns down the pot field all the while screaming and inhaling the smoke, the hero of the films dramatic climax and all of its ridiculous glory (and toy helicopter explosions). This will be remembered by the few and the proud.

Reviewed by Brian Wozniak ([email protected]) 7 / 10

pretty rockin funny stuff

if you like action/revenge movies and 80's cheese, this one will be fun. It seems that not 5 minutes goes by without some machine gun fire in this movie. there's lots of guys getting beat up, the bad guys (pot warlord & goons) being really tough & bad, explosions, funny dialouge & one liners, and an outrageous amount of machine guns! A total guy flick, real macho and unrealistic, but funny as heck if you're in the mood for it.

Some parts of the soundtrack are real weird too, not in the "Liquid Sky" amazingly well-done weird way, but more like a 5 year old randomly programming a drum machine & keyboard. it just sounds real off. If you like Blastfighter and Commando, check this out for butt-kicking & laughs! it starts a lil' slow, but is all action for the last half of the movie. I got this the same day I got the dubbed version of Zu (Warriors from...), which I would recommend about 200 times more, but for certain occasions, this stuff rocks!

Reviewed by Comeuppance Reviews 5 / 10

No-frills action fun!

One of the best things about The Devastator is that it is no-nonsense, no-frills action fun that packs a good punch at 79 minutes.

Deacon "Deke" Porter (Hill) is a Vietnam Vet, who heads into the sleepy little town of King's Ransom, California. He's there to investigate the death of his 'Nam buddy Marcus Dearing. Unfortunately, the town is run by a coterie of redneck pot growers, the ringleader being the nefarious John Carey (Hardesterm). They even have Sheriff Clay Marsh (Kaz Garas) in their pocket. They don't cotton to outsiders, so when Deke comes sniffing around their turf, a war ensues. Luckily, Deke has an ace in the hole: his old army buddies Spence (the electronics expert) and Ox (The goofy, loud punchfighter) (Daniels) to help him out.

Who will be victorious? The smarmy bastard John Carey or will the mighty hero Ox reign supreme? Hill as Deke is bit bland to be an action hero and he has an unflattering overbite. This doesn't stop him from being a slickster with the ladies and wearing his Member's Only jacket while sitting on a chair backwards so he can "rap" with people. Thankfully Jack S. Daniels (great name) is an American treasure to be discovered again and again! We need more men like him in the movies and in real life.

While most films of this era were concentrating on evil cocaine-related baddies, The Devastator goes the opposite direction and shows evil pot growers. John Carey is a hilarious name for the main villain. When they say his name in the film, you think of the failed presidential candidate windsurfing, and throwing HIS Vietnam medals over a fence. Where are the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth when you need them? Directed by prolific fan-favorite Cirio (we are on a first name basis), this bears a similarity to the classic Final Mission (1984), it even has the same gratuitous fan-favorite death, decapitation. One of the strongest aspects of the movie is that it has a double-revenge plot. Deke has to get revenge for his fallen buddy and for himself.

In the U.S., The Devastator was released on VHS in one of those great MGM\UA big boxes. You gotta love 'em. If you don't like VHS big boxes, you are a traitor to our great country.

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