The Devil to Pay



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Brad Carter as Dixon Runion
Catherine Dyer as Tommy Runion
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10


Its a harsh world of poverty and unfairness, that leads my thoughts bakc to potato famined ireland where english landowners hungered and hunkered out millions into famine and death and emigration. its a study of how revenge can in fact overturn even today, and where the feelgood feelin rules.

its a story with a breath of pre emancipation act feeling about a black woman somewhere broken of redneck appalachian forested mountaintop where the queenrules, and the pawns heads and hand rolls due to unpaid taxes. when eviction is coming up, the main turns the world upside down to save her farm ,child and dignity.

its made on a low budget, casted by local theater groups and filmed very well with not to high technical ambitions. therefore a chance to get some splendid natural views of the rollin hill of the misty blue smoky mountains.

if your in for a blockbuster the let it be, this is far more spacialized than that, and where the crowd will divide 50/50 on everything. the grumpy old man though leaves a small recommend, for good acting and twisted revenge and a splendid feelin of nothing to loose.

Reviewed by muslima-96849 10 / 10

Great movie

Very good movie; totally unexpected events. It surely deserves a much better rating than 5.2

Reviewed by joshuadenham 10 / 10

Strong performances, great storytelling

Great thriller about an Appalachian women doing what she must to survive. Excellent performances from all, but especially from the lead, Danielle Deadwyler. Catherine Dyer gave me chills as the matriarchal villain. Beautiful scenic shots highlighting the Appalachian region as well. The music was hauntingly beautiful and really complimented the characters and the story. I highly recommend watching this movie.

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